Yesterday my friend’s daughter Taliat started school. Taliat is two years 5months old, the mum called to tell me how she cried after dropping her off. I consoled her that it happens to 60% of mothers (don’t know how I got that %) and it did happen to me. When she dropped the call, I laughed as I remembered the first day I dropped Michelle in school.

You see, I felt it was time to redirect some of my daughter’s energy constructively. Rather than chasing her round the house, scattering and repacking her toys a hundredth time and making every one talk for an umptenth time in a day (they have such unmatched energy!). School was needful in using up that energy, while teaching her some basics, so I registered Michelle in a school not far from home.

Prior to the day Michelle was to start school; I took time to arrange her clothes, under wear, lunch bag and school sandals so that the next morning we will begin smoothly. The “D” day came, I woke, bath, fed and dressed Michelle up, I told her we were going to school and it would be fun. When we arrived at the school, I walked Michelle to her class, she was received by a class assistant; I hugged her and turned to leave. Michelle started crying, this made me stop to hug her some more till the teacher assured me repeatedly that she will stop. I walked away still hearing her cries, I didn’t know when my heart gave out and my tears dam broke loose. I hurried to the car before the security at the gate could see my tears; I sat in the privacy of the car and cried. Yes! I cried I know you are wondering why, especially in this era of “crèche from birth! (a joke!)  You wouldn’t and can’t understand if you aren’t a mummy!   

Did you cry the first day you dropped off your baby (I meant her two year old daughter) at school? I asked Rose, my friend with whom I shared motherhood experiences with. She laughed and said yes. I had to be reassured, I was okay! Especially after calling Prince in my tearful state and hoping to be comforted, but rather laughed at and asked what was making me cry, Men will always be men!. When I got to the office, I asked other mothers and the answer was “yes”.  I was consoled and assured that its okay to cry, …… now I consoled another (LOL!.)

By the second day, my baby woke by herself and when I dropped her off at school, she hugged me and waved “bye”. I wondered what amazing transformation happened that school became fun in a space of 24 hours. Change is inevitable, even in toddlers!

These days we gist, laugh and sing on our drive to school!

Life is truly in stages!!

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    March 13, 2013 at 10:15 pm

    The first day at school hummmmm did I cry ? Yes I did ! I did because I felt my darling daughter would be able . Whi picks her when she falls? Who observes the diappers is wet? Who ensures th eats her meals amd is patient to watch her finish the meal ? Who ? Who ? And who? Went on in my mind as the tears poured but amazing she coped and is 5+ now . Then came my second daughter and it was all same experience because they always wld start at exactly one year and today she is 3+ they both light up my day everyday and with their amazing dad beside life is just worth it! cheers….

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    Trendy Mother
    May 31, 2012 at 8:54 pm

    True talk dear

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    May 31, 2012 at 8:39 pm

    Yeah indeed, life is truly in stages!

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    Crystal Chigbu
    May 21, 2012 at 12:29 pm

    i cried too , i think its from a feeling of not been too sure if the child will cope, not sure of how much of care she'll get seeing that she's not the only one in class.
    But some how ….. they all do cope & enjoy going back to school

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