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The bond between a mother and her son can only be explained by the Creator who in His infinite wisdom made such relationship unique. I share such a beautiful bond with my soon to be 4 years old, he ceaselessly compliments my cooking, dressing, hairdo and nails.

Yesterday, he asked to accompany me to change my nail paint and even suggested what colour he would love my nail painted with. I can’t remember telling him of any plan to visit the nail salon earlier that day. However, he kept reminding me and excitedly spoke about it, buuuut he didn’t eventually make the trip with me  as he had to observe his siesta (forced by daddy).

As soon as I pressed the doorbell upon my return, he was the first to peep through the door and guess the first question – “mummy let me see your nails?”

You painted green! He screamed in pure excitement accompanied with a dance.

I could only laugh and hugged the crew that came to welcome me at the door warmly. ‘The trio’ are firmly bonded and can hug so sweetly.

So for the rest of the evening, my son kept complimenting my nails. Truth be told, I do not like green colour but for the love of Seddie, I complied and I was happy at his reaction.

The next day as Seddie completed his toilet call and called for my assistance (you all know the ‘butt wiping’ duty), he proudly informed me that his favorite colour is now GREEN. Can you just imagine?!

What can I describe this act – ‘mummy love’  or  ‘the act of emotional blackmail’?

Fun experiences like this translate to priceless memories and further strength the bond between a mother and her son.

Greeeen is the new sign of love in this season for Seddie and I!

Stay safe

Celebrate every woman and mother!

Happy mother’s day

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