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GUEST POST – Nigeria @ 56, What do you love about Nigeria

“What do you love about Nigeria?”

This was the question a TV presenter asked her interviewee.The later answered the question with so much ease and with all sincerity of heart, Her many reasons got me thinking and I wondered..If I were asked what I loved about Nigeria, my own country, what would I say?

 I realized that this same question someone answered with ease, got me pondering for minutes!  However, I eventually got my answers …

* I love the spirit of the Nigerian people- that bustling and hustling spirit, all to make ends meet despite our distressed economy.To me,that is STRENGTH, that is HARD-WORK!!!..we are a strong people.

*Amidst all the mishap,we still have the courage to ‘yab’ ourselves and laugh at our pain. We are BRAVE, we are indeed survivors!

*We are so diametrically different from the rest of the world. The way we ‘do our thing’ over here just leaves me marveling at the ‘Nigerian sense’!! I even think that the saying..”if you can survive in Nigeria,you can survive anywhere” is really true.

* Nigerians are so beautiful. We have mind blowing males and females all around. Again, despite our hard times, we still come out stunning with priceless smiles and an undying spirit! We have people blessed with potentials enough to stir the world.

*OMG! I am also totally in love with our cultural heritage.We are very RICH and greatly blessed with different ethnic groups. From the industrious Igbos to the funny Urugbos/Warris to the beautiful Ibibios to the intellectual Yorubas etc.Our dishes are especially superb and diverse! I so love 9ja!! 

I know our present situation may be depressing and we may not see any reason to celebrate today (October 1st), but we really should not sit down,fuss over everything and hate our own land. 

Let’s keep hoping for a beautiful future because I’m sure it will come. We will not end here, No,we just won’t! We are sure heading some place better! 

Happy Independence day people!

Glory Ibanga, the guest on my blog today is a second year law student who loves writing, talking and singing, she is very outspoken and an incurable optimist.

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