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It’s The Season to be Thankful

This season makes me jingle!!!

Don’t judge, be happy with me, for I am in love with the thrills & excitement the Christmas season brings!

I especially cherish how the thanksgiving celebration heralds this season of love and merriment. 

I love how the year-long events have amassed into bountiful achievements.

I love the gratitude it raises within me and the opportunity to look inward and count my blessings.

As I grew older😊, I stopped assessing my goals at intervals and focused on counting my blessings as the former always leaves me disgruntled, entitled, and with the thought that I haven’t ticked off enough boxes.

This Christmas is particularly outstanding for me because I have encountered many ‘near misses this year. I am full of gratitude.

I almost lost my mum to stroke, but God delivered, healed, and gave her another lease of life.

I almost watched my baby sister graduate and complete the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) exercise without a mum, who sowed the most seeds of love in her, leaving without seeing her succeed.

I almost sacrificed my health when I ignored taking care of myself. Frequent severe back and waist pain jolted me back to reality.

I almost gave up on myself when expectations from work stretched me beyond my comfort zone. 

I almost lost my relationship with my friends when I repeatedly chose work over spending time with them.

I almost lost meaningful conversations with my kids when I prioritized the notifications from my phone over their engaging stories.

I almost lost the banter and light in my relationship with my #everydaymancrush when the demands of life almost overwhelmed our commitment to love, laughter, and friendship

I am grateful that the ‘near misses’ did not happen. God was too merciful and gracious to fail me. So, I am focusing on living right and valuing new opportunities to love, build relationships and renew trust.

I am taking on this season intentionally. I am taking time to crush on myself, love my boyfriend of life, indulge my kids, spend time with family, friends, loved ones, and just live!

It has been one heck of a year, and I am over-excited and out to celebrate unreservedly.

Have you gotten into the groove of the season yet???


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