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LAGOS TRAFFIC – The hidden blessings perspective

The recent heavy traffic situation in Lagos has taken its
toll on me, your very own trendy mama! My 15 – 20 minutes journey to and
from work daily has become a 2 hour journey and the many side effects are
spreading fast to other areas of my life. I can’t help but join in the
‘#lagosnogospoil’ crusade as I desire some form of sanity restored back to
Lagos roads.

from the fact that my 7 hours night rest doesn’t seem to refresh my body enough
when dawn beckons; my highly esteemed and desired ‘mummy’ duties are becoming
burdensome. Coming home to help my kids with their assignments now feels
tasking as my patience grows thin after driving through the long stretch of traffic;
cooking dinner is no more fun. All I now long to do when I come home from work
is take a bath and stretch my legs out on the sofa. “All the mamas
experiencing this situation put ya hands up” (singing in Kirk franklin’s
voice) lol!

‘traffic’ situation has in amazing ways opened my eyes to see the support
system I have around me. These I chose to refer to as hidden blessings. The
effect of these ‘blessings’ is the strength I am endued with to face each day.
My beautiful daughters, who won’t let me doze off immediately my feet hits the
sofa with their constant chatter and ‘drama’, not to mention my adopted
daughter who greatly reduces my after-work chores with her eagle eye
supervision of her younger ones’ assignments and also assisting in preparing
the items for dinner and breakfast. Truly, a mother’s best friend is a ‘helping

Thanks also to my hubby and the bedtime jokes he shares on days I am able wait up for him,
it gives me a good dose of laughter; which is good for my wearied soul and
Not to mention my ‘passenger colleague’ who makes the journey bearable with his
skewed political arguments (@ Bishop lele).

I always
delight in looking for the ‘good’ in every circumstance. So if you live in
Lagos and are experiencing the intense traffic situation, cheer up, look beyond
the traffic and its many effects, chose to discover the blessings in and around

So here
is trendy mama joining to sing one of the latest songs in town, as retweeted by
@Gidi_Traffic – “Ambo Ambo o o, traffic sese  Bere ni o Ambo o” (we
are coming, traffic just started, we are coming)

new week people!

Tweet credit – @tweetgbegorun

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  • Reply
    Trendy Mother
    October 19, 2015 at 8:29 am

    @Nkem, very funny @ I refuse to see the blessing… well instead of staying grumpy in a traffic, mbok go and watch a movie or play a game, or plan lots of decor projects naa. There are and will be lots of things to accomplish if you take your eyes off the the 'pain' called traffic!
    Please try to have fun while at it. *hugs and kisses*

  • Reply
    October 19, 2015 at 7:57 am

    I was part of the people that shared the twitter DP oooo
    The traffic has been crazy and i have refused to see the blessings in it biko! Life shouldn't be this hard!

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