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“Chicken pox leave my daughter and cling to me oo”, my
mum sang in her melodious voice rocking me back and forth, while trying
unsuccessfully to comfort and calm my grieving soul. Oh yes! I was grieving
and the tears that flowed ceaselessly were the expression of the pain I felt
within. Even if I desired to calm myself, the tears would not stop and so I let
it flow.

With this torrent flowing freely, my lips gave life to the many questions
on my mind that begged for answers. “Why should I have chicken pox and why
at this festive season?”, “How
did I contact it?”. I cried as I spoke, barely recognising the teary
laden voice that came from within.

In response to my rhetorics, my mother hugged me tighter,
repeatedly sang this self- composed song to me. Eventually I was comforted and
also felt emotionally better, coupled with all the pampering only a mum can

This all happened in December 2004 when all the festivities of
the Christmas season were in full gear. I was just about 21 years old and had
made the long trip from my university in Anambra state back home – Uyo (Akwa
ibom state); with every intention to spend the holidays with my family and my
‘new love’. You see, I had just gotten stung by the love bug just around that
period and couldn’t wait to trot the city of Uyo with him. Dejection and disappointment
could not fully describe my emotional state that period. I felt like my world
had crashed.

I eventually recovered even before the New Year was ushered in
and was able to partake in the celebrations. The scar from chicken pox is long
gone yet the memory of the love shown by my family especially my mum remains
with me. I feel so blessed to have a mother who was willing (if possible) to
exchange her health for mine, just to make me happy!

That episode of my life taught me to give love with no
expectations and to those who your act of love will be the magical wand to a
miracle in their world. The miracle can be laughter, the strength to live
again, push through, overcome an ailment or simply hope.

The purpose of my musing today is to remind us that nothing
lasts forever. Every situation has its cycle and will come to an end once it
runs its cause. Some of ‘life’s happenings’ leaves us with ugly and bitter scars
as reminders; while others leave us with invaluable life lessons to learn from
and share with others. A recent case in view is the scarcity of tomatoes and plantain
we all wallowed through few months ago; today we have a surplus of this food
items in the market while most States’ efforts at combating this scarcity have
led to the discovery of new climate and regions that supports tomatoes and
plantain cultivation.
So irrespective of ‘life’s happenings’ within and around us; be
rest assured that it will not last forever. Like every other thing in life, it
will pass. Change remains the only constant we have in life.
Within every human is the
ability to innovate, transform, overcome, fight back or pull through any
challenge. I recently read a joke that goes
thus: When God announced that in eight days the flood was coming a catholic
priest came and announced “come and confess your sins so you would die and go
to heaven” The Buddhist said the flood is coming in eight days; we should
meditate and purify our souls in other to make heaven …” The Jew came and made
the same announcement but with a twist. He said “God is good, He has given us
at least eight days to find out how to live on water” meaning in the situation
other people saw death looming, the Jew saw a new way of using his mind; it
taught me that when any challenge comes, it is God giving us the opportunity to
learn a new way

 Perception and will power are the basic tools we need and these are
innate in every human. Not every negative happening in your life is caused by
some dark forces from ‘yonder’ or someone that dislikes you. Change your
perception! The human mind finds it easy to dwell on negative thoughts if it is
not renewed by the word of God. Resist
casting blames; decide to change your response to the events of your life.

Harness your will power
by deciding to turn every ‘life happenings’ around you to lessons or spring
boards to greatness. Do not give in or give up on yourself, be persistent and
unwavering in your desire to succeed. The path to success begins with you!

Now look that challenging situation in the face and say aloud to
yourself – “this too shall pass”.

I believe in you! You can pull through!! So affect your world
positively and let that challenging experience be the stepping stone to a new
lease of life!!


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