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LIFE LESSONS – The devotional story

The pink paperback book caught my eyes as I walked around the bookshop looking for an age appropriate novel for my girls. The book title, struck a chord too strong to ignore. I took it off the shelf and gazed admirably at it. Obtaining a daily devotional for my 8 and 6 year old hadn’t even occurred to me until then. ‘Phew!’.

I often run different errands for my two powerful babes (my daughters). From request for specific food  items or fruits, to craft items for craft work to gifts items for friends and …, the list always seem unending. So this week, I was to get new novels and story books as they had finished examinations and wanted new books to read and share with their classmates.

So their request prompted my trip to the bookshop and my favorite shop in Lagos for now is ‘The bible wonderland’. This is simply because the shop houses a variety of children’s books and educational items at pocket friendly prices and even have a separate section for heavily discounted books. (#50 to #700)

The sight of ‘God’s Little Devotional Book For Girls’ was the trigger that rekindle my decision to guide my kids in the way of the Lord and served as a reminder on the need to devote time to building my children’s faith in God. I had unconsciously left this important parenting process to our weekly family devotions and Sunday school classes.

So caught in between admiring the devotional and castigating myself for my grave forgetfulness, I flipped through its pages. The first two pages caught my attention, these I read voraciously in a few minutes. The short stories were easy to understand, and I was completely stunned at the lesson on values, virtue and faith I gleaned from the pages in such a short time! The author – David Cook is divinely inspired!!

Immediately I got home, I happily shared my latest discovery with my girls and you can only imagine their excitement. I had already penned a note on the devotional ‘from mummy with love’ (the love drawn in the shape of a heart); this ignited a big hug from my ‘hug loving’ Didi and a kiss from Mimi. The girls decided to begin exploring their devotional at bed time.

So come bedtime, they agreed to take daily turns in reading the devotional and the recommended bible verse. They gave me the honor of taking the first read, after reading, we discussed the lessons there. This lesson reflected in their prayers that night and it made my heart glad.

Life’s daily distractions are like strong ocean waves which can drown the strongest of divers if not maneuvered with wisdom. We ought to encourage ourselves daily and trudge on with purpose, the paths we have chosen to tread. Our desire to impact our space and generation should not only end in our thoughts but it must be a deliberate and consistent walk.

It is often said that ‘little drops make the mighty ocean’ let’s determine to take daily steps at living life intentionally and our world will be better.

17 days to Christmas …..
Do you have an intentional plan for Christmas?
Look out for my next post!

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