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The mind of a child is truly limitless!

How else can I explain my kid’s quest to have their desired picnic without any input from me?

It all began with this line, “Mummy can we have a picnic tomorrow?”

I answered non-committally, “let’s see what tomorrow holds,” a reply which made my 11 years old make a snickering sound with an “it ain’t gonna happen” face.

I listened in amazement as my 9 and 4 years old planned, conversed, and get all excited about a picnic.

“We will put a napkin over a tray, arrange our biscuits, margarine, Ribena drinks, and a few bars of candy.” My 9-year-old assured her best buddy despite the air of discouragement coming from me.

“Yes! We will place a mat on the floor too!” Seddie said excitedly like he just had a light bulb moment.

They tried yet again to convince me to buy into their plan and get excited too, but I was disinterested and more focused on completing my task at work

They weren’t deterred! They concluded and appealed that I should be ready to join them by 5 pm for a picnic.

True to their words, they had a picnic later that day with all their plans coming alive.

“Mummy please come join us, it won’t be complete without you,” they appealed once it was 5 pm, literally dragging me off my work desk to join them outside. 

They got so excited that they called our neighbours to join, and ended up spending two hours outside, playing, munching biscuits with butter, and taking their drinks – Picnic goal achieved!

As I reflected on my day before dosing off, the lessons in this scene played upon my mind.

Didi and Seddie envisaged a beautiful day under the open heavens with family and friends and guess what? They made it happen! Dragging a reluctant mother and a doubtful sister along, they utilized the resources around them maximally to achieve their desire, and completely enjoyed themselves.

Just like a child, our minds can be limitless. Quit searching the length and breadth of the earth for joy, contentment, and satisfaction as they are all around, you only have to look a little closer. Allow yourself to dream, imagine, get excited, get silly, have an open mind, and simply go with the flow, for life is meant to be lived wholly. 

I’ll sign off with a line from my friend- “Don’t overthink things, life isn’t that serious.” Just Live!







Imagecredit – @daiga_ellaby

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