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Few ago weeks, hubby and I attended a marriage seminar. It was a
fun filled and a really hilarious session. It was more of a refresher course
for us and a reminder to be consistent in the ‘good’ we were doing to each
other, while improving on the areas we slacked.

We had a good time laughing at the examples given by the
facilitators and even most questions and the answers discussed. Not to mention,
that most of the issues shared took us down memory lane. 

So as we drove home,
my hubby asked jokingly – ”am I the best thing that happened to you since
sliced bread?”

I took a good look
at him and laughed real hard as my mischief button had just been activated.

Here goes my response – “How will I know o (laughing
harder), I have just been married once and only to one man – You! I’ve got no
opportunity to compare o”.

Thank heavens he got the joke and laughed too.

Just as the laughter ebbed, my thoughts moved to these popular
lines written during birthdays, anniversaries, mother’s and father’s day
celebrations, etc. (No offence o, just my random thoughts).

are the best husband/wife/father/mother in the world and if I get to choose
again, I will choose you”

These lines, I think are really over flogged. #mymusings

Especially when most of us get to experience these relationships
once in a life time, so how and where is the desired comparison made? Isn’t
comparison made when we have more than one option? 


Mbok! let us allow the ‘woman at the well’ (biblical story) tell
us who among her 5 husbands was the best!!


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