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Memoirs – Inspiration from this week

This week has been exciting in many ways. Exciting
will be the best word to describe a week filled with great tension, mind wrecking
pressure and body crushing tiredness. These adjectives all seem too intense to
describe the last 5 days. However, in all honesty; these words best describe the
strain and emotional turmoil I have been through this week.
The week began with a ‘bang’ – a review of my KPI
at work to triple the initial target, was the first news that ushered me into
the week. 100% achievements were expected and progress was to be accessed at
the end of each week with dire consequences for defaulters. It was really a
bang welcome, in addition to this were the many bills due for payments and
their threatening deadlines. As each day went by, it felt like I was drowning in
the pressure, my joy got lost and my patience became thin… Jesus take the
wheel… was the desperate cry from my heart.
I am often strengthened and motivated by the things
around me. My family and immediate environment top this list. And so as this
week progressed, I saw and learnt lots of valuable lessons from unassuming
events, these encouraged my spirit, strengthened my resolve and changed my
Here are a few;
On Tuesday while waiting for my dinner pot to boil,
I strode into the dining area for a glass of water from the dispenser to quench
my thirst, I found my 8 month old baby crawling with every determination
towards his bouncer (which he has out grown). While drinking the water, I
watched him reach his destination and stood to support himself and then climbed
into it! Surprised?? O yes I was very surprised! He didn’t stop there; he
proceeded to stand on it while holding the wall beside the bouncer for support.
Lesson learnt – no target is too
high that a determined heart cannot surmount. Just set your mind on it and get
it done
On Wednesday, I bought some mango fruits home as no
one in my family had eaten any since the season for mangoes begun. We were just
being cautious of consuming mangoes ripened with chemicals. And so when my
girls saw the mangoes, Mimi my eldest ran to me and said “mum, is that really
mango?” I replied, oh yes it is, and she did the sweetest thing ever, “give me
your cheek” she said and  I bent slightly
towards her and she kissed it while wrapping her long arms round me in tight
embrace and said “thank you for buying us mangoes”. It was a sweet feeling; I
still smile as I reminisce
Lesson learnt – Be excited about
little things, do not take life too seriously. If the sight of mangoes can
excite my Mimi, so it can excite you too! #smilinghard
Then came Thursday, I woke up feeling excited and
began my day with a spring in my steps. My excitements created a feeling of expectancy;
this in turn birth a new perception to life and all the pressure that
threatened to swallow me in the past days, ‘kinda’ diffused. I began that day
with a totally new appreciation for the gift of life and health, and so I spiced
up my dressing up a little more and was also patient with everyone. I waited
for my kids without yelling as they dragged through their morning routine. I
was more accommodating of the driver with the big “L” sign that
virtually crawled in front of me in traffic and was even patient with
the commercial bus driver that tried to jump the queue. I faced work that day with a renewed zeal.
Lesson learnt – My week long
self-pity and the grouchiness completely ceased just with a change in
perspective and feeling!

 I have been
listening to John Maxwell’s book on living Intentional all week long via the
Audible app (audible.com). This is an amazing way of
reading while on the go. The lessons learnt from this book has greatly changed
my general outlook to life and living and also challenged me to live my
life for a greater cause. I have learnt that I can make a difference and affect
people by making small changes consistently and deliberately. In summary, my
influence must out live me.
Lesson learnt – There are many
ways to learn despite our busy schedules, explore them! Knowledge illuminates,
so learn from other people’s experiences and become a better you
My experiences this week has taught me that my
existence is more than the pressure each phase of life brings. The depth in me
is greater than the mould I constantly settle into and the potential
within me is far beyond the limit I constantly set for myself.
So I am determined to live life intentionally in
spite of the many odds!
I encourage you my readers to do same

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