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Miracles truly happen and I am an excited recipient of
Here is my story;
I rushed in from work yesterday after driving through
an unusually heavy traffic, as soon I was ushered in I kissed and hugged my
kids and hurried straight to the kitchen without pulling off my work clothes.
Getting dinner ready and on time was top priority as I do not encourage late dinner
and also for ease of digestion.

Our menu for the evening was unripe plantain porridge,
so I commenced the process. I brought out the plantains I had bought on my way
home and began separating the plantain body from the skin. For every finger of
plantain I opened up, the little body that came forth caused my stomach to
churn. It was obvious that the scarcity of plantain had hit again, as the
available plantain in the markets were small, funny looking and expensive. My
thoughts were on how the plantain bunch with its somewhat tiny fingers will
satisfy my family this evening. After separating each plantain finger from its
skin, I diced and poured them into the pot. It now looked even smaller and
didn’t look like it will be enough for my family‚Äôs dinner including the guest I
Left with no desire to cook another meal and no extra
plantain to add, I decided to pray. I prayed for the meal to multiply and be
more than enough for everyone on our dinner table. This was my first attempt at
praying for food multiplication. Before now, I had prayed for good taste in my
meal when I was skeptical of the taste, even prayed for less salt, when I felt
I had over salted the food. But I had never attempted a prayer for
My pot of porridge soon began to boil and I added all
the ingredients required; as I stirred the food on fire, I further gauged the
quantity and kept muttering my prayers for an increase.  Finally, the food was cooked and ready to be
dished – voila! The meal was not only
enough for everyone, it was delightfully devoured by everyone to their
satisfaction and even had some left over! Oh yes, you read right – “left
I had to share this after listening to a forwarded
message received from a chat room I belong to. Watch it here
This is a reaffirmation that miracles really exist.
Dear reader, do you desire a miracle? Are you
currently faced with a situation that only a miracle can change? Just ask in
prayers and believe God for it. There is no limit to what God can do and there
is nothing too small or too big to ask of him, If God can multiply our dinner,
He can do much more for you.

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