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Today I received my first love note from my six
year old daughter, written without compulsion and with her very own initiative!
The beautiful part of this tale is her presentation; she brought this ‘love
note’ to me and said “mummy, I have something special for you and I will read
it for you”. She then lay beside me planted a kiss on my cheek, then began
reading out her epistle of love. I blushed, turned red with love, pride and
kind of felt the thrill only a farmer gets when he sees and eventually harvests
the fruit of his labour! ‘Elation’ and ‘fulfilment’ best describes my
emotion as I smiled from ear to ear! 
Can you imagine the feeling you get when you have
successfully nurtured something from cradle to maturity or to an age of
understanding (with regards to children). ‘Yours truly’ does feel so! As I
write this, I feel like one walking on air with my head in the cloud! I
am so happy and filled with joy for this opportunity to see and experience
the blossoming of all the love, time and efforts we have invested in our
After reading out her epistle, I told her how I
used to read to her night after night when she was a baby and how she would doze
off most of the time before I was through and then asked her to read me a
story. She then began reading a lengthy story to me and when she paused, I said
to her “you read fluently and your pronunciation are a lot better, I am proud
of you” she smiled as she said. “thank you mum”. She continued reading and
surprisingly I dozed off. She woke me up when she was through and we laughed
like silly little girls. Yeah! It’s safe to say my daughter is grown and I now
have someone to snuggle up, gist with and enjoy some appreciation.

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#God’sblessings #lovenotes

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