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OMG conversations with my kids

Mummy, won’t you go and pick your husband from the airport? Didi, my 9years old asked with a smile as she struggled to sit her butt comfortably on my bed.

“I will, but I am hungry” I replied with my eyes fixed on my phone trying to send out a message.

“Are you choosing food over your husband?” she continued mischievously.

I paused and stared hard at her in unbelief, “he is my husband, not yours! I will pick him up after I’ve had lunch” I answered in a matter-of-fact way to just hush her up.

As I drove to the airport, I mused on how fast children grow. It is amazing how my babies of yesterday demand an explanation for my every action, unconsciously forcing me to stay accountable even when I don’t want to. Not to mention the countless discussions that leave me wondering if I am raising my age mates (hahaha), at other times they simply mimic me after an episode of scolding. 

I can’t help but digress to write about an episode with my 4year old who in recent times enthrall me with his ingenious requests for detailed cuisine, I am honestly researching ways to direct his vivid imagination to productive ventures as Albert Einstein’s. A few nights ago, he described a special breakfast he would like to have the next day and I outrightly asked him “am I your wife or Cook?” You can guess the answer–” mummy pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” his persistence almost exceeds that of the biblical persistent widow. You already know that I gave in to that request. #littlecharmer

Some weeks ago, I scolded the girls for taking so much time to get dressed for school and threatened to have them walk to school the next time it happens. Fortunately, they took the correction and are now time conscious. However, Didi the mischievous one decided to mimic that morning’s scene today as the crew waited for me to finish up.

“Can you girls tell me why you aren’t yet ready for school by this time (point to her wristwatch)? I woke up before you both, made breakfast, and got dressed…..”  before she could complete her ‘drama’ My eyes reprimanded her, and she ran off laughing.

Mischief sure runs in the blood veins of second children… 

Can I write about how I get reprimanded when I drop my phone on the dining table during mealtime? It often comes in a subtle yet respectful tone like “mummy, is your phone supposed to be on the table? Yours truly will quickly apologize, and take the phone off the table. 

I have come to surmise that there is a teacher in every parent, only the teaching style differs. Our daily actions, values, choices, and words are the lesson boards our kids absorb and emulate. We can only impact lessons we have successfully lived.

Despite all the daily episodes, I still love this stage of motherhood for there is never a dull moment! I am intentionally savoring the experience.

What stage of motherhood are you?

How are you intentionally savoring it?





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