Circa 2015, I quit my job and was just content with not knowing what next and just taking it a day at a time.

The job was so toxic I felt like I had just been released from prison and was basking in my newfound freedom.

While what was ahead was quite uncertain and I had no clue what I wanted to do next. At that time, I was content and grateful to just be alive.

You see, you never would know what being in a toxic environment can do to mental health, till you leave. Life as you now know it…

On that fateful day in 2015, I had done some content writing overnight for a friend and had just slipped into sleep early hours of the morning, when the phone jarred me awake!

I decided I was going to ignore the call even before I saw the caller but when I did, I changed my mind. It was my former colleague Nathan calling!

You see, Nathan and I were colleagues at the toxic workplace, and I remember how we didn’t completely get along at first due to the impression my boss gave of him but then I sought to get to know him personally and I’m grateful for that decision.

Lesson 1: Do not inherit other people’s enemies! Seek to know people personally…

Nathaniel left the organization shortly after I did and we still kept in touch. On this fateful day, it was Nathan calling, his new bosses had a media appearance and weren’t quite satisfied with the press statement put out. They wanted it rewritten and guess who Nathaniel called, yours truly!

When I left the organization, Nathan and I had bonded so I didn’t mind putting sleep aside to get this done for him as he stated it was quite urgent.

I got it done, sent it to him, and slept back. He later called to thank me profusely and I wondered why as it wasn’t a big deal for me.

A few weeks later, still in my unemployed state, which was beginning to get frustrating, though I wasn’t completely idle as I was busy helping my friends with whatever content they needed; I got another call from Nathan, and this time he asked that I make it to their Ikoyi office urgently.

 What for? He said, just come as he said getting off the phone.

I got there, turned out the boss’s brother needed content writing services and they were going to pay heavily for it, they offered me the job as Nathan had assured them I was “good” and also stated I was the one that rewrote the press statement.

In a nutshell family, I got the job that further validated the skills I had, and 5 years down the line, I am building a global brand!

You see, this is your lesson 2, and it is the fact that “Relationships are the bedrock of life.” My pastor once said that the way real power is transferred is through relationships and I couldn’t agree more!

Here’s hoping you nurture the divine relationships that have been placed in your lives, here’s hoping you seek to know people personally and not inherit other people’s enemies!

That said, this month at Trendy Mums Talks, we’ll be talking about Relationships!

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Image Credit – unsplash.com/@miinyuii

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