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“You must be pregnant!” Prince, my hubby said repeatedly as he noticed my enlarging breast and tender nipples. I quietly wondered how a man would know more of these issues than a woman; I did a quick count of my cycle and said a silent prayer. I smiled to myself as I unconsciously rubbed my tummy; I could not wait to see it protrude… when it did, it started out looking small and funny!

With the beginning of the second trimester came the fluttering movements of the baby which usually cause my heart to race with excitement as it became stronger. It was really a wonderful feeling, knowing another human growing within me! It inspired a feeling of awe!

The dreadful stories of cravings (food), weight gain, swollen ends (nose, fingers and feet) and itchy abdomen were not in my myriad pregnancy experiences. I rather glowed. Can some one remind Prince how lucky he is. The journey was rather smooth and without the many bumps, this I can attribute strongly to the power of confession and agreement with Prince – “In pregnancy, I am so pretty that you will want to be pregnant”

The best part of pregnancy for me has being forgetfulness, commonly called pregnesia (do not ask me if it is in the dictionary, as I have not checked). It really does sound weird but funny; my first encounter with it was when I could not remembered information and messages passed unto me by Prince. It initially generated lots of arguments as he tried unsuccessfully to exonerate himself. The funny part was, I could remember parts of the information but other parts completely blanked out! Don’t laugh!

I made endless shopping list to avoid going round in circles when I get to the market or super mart. I silently hummed people’s name so that I could remember to return their calls and deliver messages. I forget customer’s names and faces, it was that serious! My colleagues had a full day laughing at my forgetfulness; was I embarrassed? Not at all, I just laughed at myself too!

I fondly recall the nights Prince would wake a number of times to help turn my heavy frame to the right sleeping position (left or right side) and would strap a pillow to ensure I
Maintain that position. This hasn’t being funny (let Prince speak!) neither are the number of times I would wake him in the height of his sleep to get cold water to patch my tasty throat or pull me up to empty my bladder.

I really did pride myself in being strong and being able to cope in all circumstances, do I still believe that? Ummmmh….! As the weeks run into days and the count down begins….. this invincible girl has lost invincibility, tiredness has become a second nature, sleep – an ever appealing option and laziness a way of life! Did I see your jaw drop? Pick it! As truth can be very naked!

Now am delivery room bound, I count the days and watch the clock tick by. I smell angel’s scent and feel him daily struggling for space that is becoming restricted by the day. Her room is set in lovely patterns and draperies, the furnishing exceptional, befitting the long awaited Princess.
My deepest instinct (trust a mother’s own) is, I’ll be holding her sooner that we all imagined!

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