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SURVIVING TO THRIVING – This motherhood journey

I recently rewrote my meal plan to accommodate my 4year old who can now eat a variety of meals with the rest of our family. The peace my brain has received from planning evening meals in a ‘jifi’ has been heavenly. Our initial food plan incorporated our toddler’s need for frequent feeding and selected meals

Planning healthy meals from a tired mind is one job function you don’t want to battle when you come back dead tired from an 8 am to 5 pm job which has now become 6 am to 9 pm because of the hectic traffic situation in the city I reside.

 Once after having yam porridge for breakfast, I agreed to the kid’s request for fries (their best meal) for dinner as my tired brain did not recall we had the same food type earlier in the day, I had to advise my ‘healthy eating’ self to create a sustainable plan.

 Just a few days ago, my 10years old asked why I look so tired after work these past days and sleep off as soon as I take a bath. I almost told her that I now work in a factory (just kidding). The truth is I am physically, mentally, psychologically exhausted by the end of each day because of the myriad of the task I have to conclude every day.

 I currently run a lot of side projects besides my work as a professional, wife, and mother, I daily have to consciously prioritize and schedule my time to accommodate my most important tasks, else I forget, and miss out completely.

 Getting a new food plan to accommodate the kid’s long stay at the home time plus all the in-between snacking was a great decision, as ‘my help’ at the home front ‘gat’ that part covered for good without frequent recourse to me for guidance.

 Consciously staying up a few nights to chit-chat with the kids before bedtime has allowed me to catch up on their day and save me from guilt trips on *most* of the nights I sleep off tired.

 Not to mention allowing my support team and volunteers to work with me through my projects has allowed me to achieve a lot more.

 I am still learning to thrive each day at a time and enjoy my journey through life.

 So ya all know, I ain’t no superwoman, just a regular ‘mama’ trying to be the best version of herself.

What about you?

How are you doing?

What aspects of your life are you battling to stay productive?

 Drop a chat and let’s talk!



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