Gratitude sweet November thanksgiving


 I have a special love for the month of
November, fondly christened sweet November. November always come with the obvious
reminder that the year end is close and Christmas celebrations are even closer.
Oh! How I love this special month and the surge of hope it conveys for a beautiful
end and an expected new beginning (a new year). Such hope that can be liken to
an athlete’s optimism when he sees the finish line and is expectant of embracing
it. Oh! The strength and perseverance this virtue ignites, such that the body
and soul are propelled to give the extra push to the finish line. November is
simply special.

I always herald this month with special
thanksgiving and for the rest of the month and the year, this feeling of
gratitude does not ebb.  I intentionally
allow my mind, thoughts and every fleeting moment of this month and onward to
be filled with reminiscences of the many miracles, victorious feats and
incredible events that punctuated the past months of the year. What an amazing

Living daily in this
gratitude bubble leaves me feeling overwhelmed at the magnificence of a
faithful God. As such, in this month of November, I can hardly hold back on the
many moments of unrestrained smiles, hearty laughter, dance of joy and rejoicing
which virtually flow from deep within me.

So today I am joining
numerous grateful hearts all over the
world to celebrate thanksgiving, a worthy tradition with great intent.
Do not make your
thanksgiving just another day to be marked on the calendar; go all out to be
thankful for all.

Come join the band wagon
and drop a comment  on what you are thankful about.

Happy thanksgiving!!

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