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The Financial Guilt trap

Yesterday I had a long conversation with a childhood friend Sisi A who wanted a shoulder to cry on and a listening ear to vent. It was obvious that she was overwhelmed by the financial obligations she is responsible for monthly and could not see an end to it. Frustration has set in and in her words, “it feels like I toil for 30days and empty all into a basket”. Life held no appeal for her and the hopelessness in…

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Today I went into a rage and broke my hubby’s phone and mine. I threw both phones against the wall of our garage and watched the screen and other parts shatter in different directions. I have no regrets and I am not contrite either; this thing seem to have more hold over our household than we care to admit. You can judge all u want, even call me irrational and emotionally unbalanced; I do not care about your opinion. You…

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