I went for a friend’s get together last Night and I ran into an old friend who carried her 7 months old baby on one hand and held her 3 year old on with the other hand, it was good to see her with her kids after such a long time but I couldn’t help smiling at the transformation. Few years ago,she had an “hour glass” shape with impeccable radiant skin; she was a beauty one would always take a second look at once she passed by. I use to greatly admire her and wondered when my “front” and “back” will accentuate my slender frame. You see, I was what the Yoruba’s called “leepa” (a very slim lady)

Last night when I saw her, her skin still radiated but the “hour glass” shaped had a bulge in the mid region (“all ye mothers with that bulge, give it a pat”). After we had exchanged pleasantries and did a bit of “catching up”, she left. I said to my hubby, who was beside me, how motherhood transforms us all, leaving its scar on us. I laughed while rubbing my own “mid region bulge”. This is my badge of motherhood, I said to my hubby

I love my motherhood badge! Any time I need to flaunt an “hour glass” shape, I do the needful. You all know what I mean; you should have one in your wardrobe! LOL!

Love and accept all the transformation your body has passed through while on this motherhood journey. No one will love you more than you!


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    May 31, 2012 at 8:41 pm

    My dear true talk indeed but any which way our body takes shape we stil hv our responsibility to guard it jealously…..but in all its d joy of motherhood.

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    May 31, 2012 at 8:39 pm

    Such is part of the uncomfortable reality life…

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