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Did you know that a change of scenery, great food, awesome conversations, and lots of laughter may just be the cure you need to de-stress?

YES! it’s that simple.

Things the body and mind experience when stressed are better watched as a video than described.

Lola, my bosom friend, was so stressed by work deadlines, a relationship hanging by a thread, family pressure, and putting up with the woes of surviving in a megacity called Lagos, such that she became a shadow of herself. She lost weight, had zero appetites, and her desire to show up lively each day was a struggle.

She was slowly dying inside without even realizing it.

My need for a travel companion for an overnight business trip to Ibadan got me calling Lola to tag along.

This unconscious act was the turning point that took her mind off her many troubles.

Two hours into the train ride on the first-class wing, Lola and I had a lengthy conversation we didn’t know we needed.

On arrival, our chauffeur gave us a ride to our meeting, after which we tried out exciting new cuisines from the best restaurant in Ibadan.

At the end of the day, we sat by the poolside, gisted and had a laugh with some new acquaintances. 

At this point, it is safe to say we were fully relaxed and Lola seemed resuscitated from her many woes. 

A break from the repeated cycle of stress was all the cure she needed.

My random desire for a travel buddy turned out to be a decision that saved my friend and returned her vigor to dream and live again.

Hello warrior queen, Whenever your mind tells you to ‘drop it all and relax’ you may need to do just that!

What are your plans to de-stress this season?

Share your ideas, they may just be helping another ‘Lola’.


Image Credit – https://liveandearncanada.com/quotes-for-a-strong-black-woman/

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