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This afternoon I saw them in clusters as we drove
through Apapa, they were spread out like black ants from the sidewalks to the
tarred roads in different colours of school uniforms. Some had arms locked on
each other shoulders gisting away happily, oblivious of their tattered backside
(shorts) and shredded tops which looked like it won’t survive another trip to
the laundry. A few others stood under the shade of a big tree debating on a
topic that seemed of great importance; while others were trying unsuccessfully
to flag down passing Lorries to get a free ride back to their settlement (AJ
city). Their excited looks could only be interpreted to mean an end to another
school day and an anticipation of the many other attractions of their day which
could range from street football, hawking to any other mischief.

Every week day, the hours of 2 and 3
o’clock signifies the close of school for most public schools within Apapa (Lagos, Nigeria) and they release their flood of students into the street for the onward trip
home. The excited faces I see each day speak of gratitude
for another school day and the joy of being
educated. These faces also reminds me of my primary school days which was filled with fun and
pampered kids; it was nothing like these pitiable sight of pupil and students in tattered
uniforms. The sight which tugs deeply at my heart; I can only imagine the
depth of the economic difficulty their parents/guardians face. With this insight, it’s easy to comprehend how a set of school wears (socks,
rubber school shoes and uniform) can be a luxury they can’t afford. These three
items can surprisingly be bought for as low as N2000, which is coincidentally
the cost of some one’s

lunch. *nodding head* 

With this sight and thoughts frequently assaulting
my mind, fate caused my path to cross with that of a passionate and loving
young woman – Omowunmi. One I shared my concerns about these school children; she
helped direct those thoughts towards productivity by proffering an existing
solution. Our conversation can be summarize thus – “doing your quota no
matter how little to better the lot of these children”.
is passionate about giving the public school children beautiful and memorable
experiences as they go through our public educational system. Her desire to
orientate public schools and give the under privileged child a wholesome
educational experience is contagious. You can’t chat or sit with her and not
get drawn in by her dream for a better educational experience for the poor. Her
NGO provides and distributes school wears – (shoes and uniform) to public
school children. She has a first-hand experience of putting smiles on
the faces of countless children. #Iwantin
So what was your ‘back to school’ budget this
school session?  Can you spare N2,000 to clothe a student in a public
school? Join the Dress2Learn initiative to put a smile on child’s face
and joy in their’s household. let us join hands to give these children a beautiful back to school experience.

You can contribute here or contribute directly to their bank account with the details below;
GTBank 0226471317 
You can also read more about the
foundation here

Follow them on Instagram 

Do have a blissful school session.

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