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It is simply amazing the little things that crack
me up and gets me laughing with reckless abandon.
This morning while assisting my 5 year old brush
her teeth, I couldn’t help but laugh as the tooth brush kept rubbing
against her gums instead of the few teeth scattered within her mouth. There were
so many gaps in between the teeth that I giggled and asked – “are we brushing
your teeth or gums”? She gave me that ‘toothless smile’ with a mouth filled
with white toothpaste foam.
Missing incisor teeth is the advert mark for
the golden age of 5 in most children. This major milestone comes with
excitement for some children and worry for others. The excited children
carefully hide their fallen tooth or teeth under a pillow anticipating the
proverbial tooth fairy’s visit while the little worrywarts anticipate pain from
the point where their precious tooth once stood. Whichever category your child
falls into, enjoy the ride! Reassure the fearful ones and become a tooth fairy
by dropping a gift while retrieving the tooth for the

loving ones.

The lower and upper incisor usually take about 6 to 7 months to grow
back, thus giving your pretty girl or handsome dude the  ‘missing teeth’
look. The loss of these frontal teeth affects the pronunciation of some words
like – thirty-five and fifty-five and many others. Many other events make this
‘missing teeth’ mile stone age memorable too.
 A case in hand is watching my ‘little miss’
bite an apple or meat using her side teeth which I find hilarious.
Not to mention the grin on my face when she innocently ask for help with bigger
chunks of meat. You can even guess what happens when I ask her to smile or say
‘cheese’ for a snap shot… Hahahha. These are priceless moments I simply

I look forward to when those gums will spout new
teeth but I am enjoying this phase.

So what is your child’s ‘missing teeth’ story,
please share below.

Christmas is here!!!!!

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