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THE NEW NORMAL – my online schooling story

Thank God it’s Friday!!


see me jumping and dancing into the weekend

Online schooling has not been a stroll in the park like we initially envisaged. The snippets we watched online and as practiced in other countries did not reveal the full story O!


The past 3 weeks of online schooling has been tasking, demanding and full of drama…especially in handling my son who is in the nursery class as he requires full supervision and support to go through his study schedule for each day. He cannot fathom why ‘mama’ often have to adjust his classes to align with her schedule, in spite of his pleas to start off with his sisters daily.

Amazingly, I have come to find creative ways to stay sane as I juggle the many persona of class tutor/supervisor, working mum, cook, toilet escort, IT engineer (for times when the classes wouldn’t connect), cleaner, laundry woman and GREAT wife.


I am adjusting daily…. Taking it one day at a time with GRATITUDE.


Today, I took up a new persona – that of a Physical Education (PE) instructor. My 3 year old persistently asked that I join his PE classes and I could not say No; not after waiting patiently for my online meeting to end and the many urgent calls/task from clients to subside.

I had to indulged him and we had a good laugh while at it!

So I look forward to the weekend as it has become somewhat special and a welcome break from juggling between ONLINE schooling, ONLINE learning, ONLINE meetings and handling work expectations in between.


I just slide into my MoMa role and simply thrive!

Today, work schedules and expectations have adjusted to the Covid-19 – ‘the new normal’; Leading organizations like where I work have intentionally made necessary adjustments to ensure seamless service to customers.


How have you adjusted to this ‘new normal’?


How are you coping?



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