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When my 3-year-old gets agitated at his inability to write numbers 3 and 8 perfectly, he becomes teary-eyed.

He often resorts to, “Mummy, please hold my hand to write” as the easy way out.

Most often I concede, just to get through the task without drama. Recently, I have adopted another method – AFFIRMATION!

Guiding his hands to write is not the best way out, especially when I have watched him write those same numbers perfectly a number of times.

So on days, this scenario plays out, I calm him down and firmly say to him – “Seddie, you can do it! I know you can write it. “You know you are a superhero” (he always falls for the superhero teasing).

Then I make him repeat a paraphrased version – “I can write this, I can do anything because God lives in me”.

Then we take a break, jump around, set a reward for the completed task, and get back to writing those numbers.

He always ends up writing or accomplishing any of those trying tasks successfully.

The power in positive affirmation goes beyond the physical, it changes negative thought patterns into positive ones and opens the subconscious mind to accept new beliefs and capabilities.

It is as powerful today as it was for me many years ago when my ‘bestie’ Vicky, will hold my hands and say “Rossy, I will vouch for you anytime, I believe in you and I love you”.

Many times, those lines were spoken at the exact times I needed an affirmation to fill up my perpetually empty self-esteem bank.

Listening to those words countless times from her, helped built my self-image and opened my heart to love, trust, and friendship.

The definition of affirmation according to Cornerstonesforparents.com is “to declare something to be true.” To affirm a child, then, is to communicate things that we know to be true about them.

Research further shows that the difference between a resilient child and a fragile one is the support of a caring affirming adult.

Have you incorporated positive affirmations into your word bank?

How are you affirming your child, spouse, or friend?

Speak LIFE!

Change your Sphere!!

Live intentionally!!!


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