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Three weeks ago, I took my kids to the amusement park to commemorate the children’s day celebration. It was fun filled, exciting and memorable.

We were accompanied by another family who caught on the desire to give the kids a memorable children’s day present; so we had a handful of children whose delightful squeals ignited the air with contagious excitement.

As soon as we arrived the park, the children ran into the sprawling arena with its welcoming sights. It was ‘a dream come true’ for them, as this trip had been greatly anticipated. This beautiful park situated in the heart of Apapa, Lagos, holds all the fascination and fantasy their young mind could imagine. I felt thrilled just watching their excitement as they went from one ride to another, soaking in the beauty of it all while contemplating which should be their first ride. It felt amazing watching them go on each ride with unusual confidence that felt somewhat alien; especially for the little ones who were visiting a park for the first time.

Seddie, my 34 months got immersed in the beauty of the park and took on most of the thrill rides with confidence. Even the ones that looked daunting because of the heights it had to spin to before descending didn’t make him cower as he followed after his sisters; who went on these rides boldly and excited.

As I watched the children play, a thought popped in my mind and I recalled a phrase I had recently read – “we owe a great debt of gratitude to those who went before us.”

Indeed it was clear that Seddie took on those thrill rides with such confidence because his sisters went before him (on the rides) in the same spirit.

Do you know that insurmountable heights fade into attainable plains once you discover those that have achieved the same feat?

Usain Bolt completed the 100m race in 9.58 seconds because Asafa Powell earlier completed the same race in 9.75 seconds. Bolts could see the possibility of doing better because of ”the one who went before him”.

We certainly “owe a great debt of gratitude to those who have gone before us”, in whatever field of endeavour we are trying to break in. The knowledge, experience and confidence earned can never be exchanged for money.

What business are you trying to birth?
What challenges stare at you and seems insurmountable?
What threatens the actualisation of your dreams?

Listen up! Every great idea, invention or achievement is an improvement on an existing idea or creation.

Just research for the existing, pick out the relevant points and apply it to your situation and boom! We will be celebrating your success! Also look out for the person or people who have gone before you in that field and ‘Xerox ‘

So as I watched my 34 months son scale heights, Jump swings and scream in ecstasy while taking the rides, I concluded within me to take on life from a new perspective.

I determined to accomplish all I have set my heart upon especially if there is someone who has achieved same.

I even resolved to attempt a seemingly impossible goal and keep at it even when I can’t find a role model, mentor or someone that has gone before me to serve as guide. I dare to be the trail blazer!

I encourage you to look out for “those who have gone before you”, learn from them and stretch the limits!

Go set a new record!

Live intentionally.

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