Tricia and I share a special bond; this bond I’m sure is caused by the similar experiences we have had. We are roughly age mates, been married for about the same number of years and have the same number of children.

Recently, she resumed from maternity leave, and she told me of an experience that got me thinking. She told me of the myriad customers that welcomed her back to work after she resumed, she spoke of those that bought her gifts and those that even started pairing their sons with her daughter (how funny). And there is this particular customer she told me about that made my ears tingle and also got me thinking…
A loud man in his mid-thirties, who daily throng her office for a particular transaction walked into her office and noticed a face he had not seen in a while. He heartily greeted her, welcomed her back to work and asked after her baby, to which she responded happily – “she is fine”. He frowned and said “a girl?” Tricia answered “yes”. Walking away, he sarcastically said – “you are not a strong woman”. On hearing this, I wished I was there, as I would have given the man “a piece of my mind”. You all know how big a piece of a woman’s mind can be!
How can a man watch a woman go through the pains of child birth (for some, it’s truly a horrible experience) and then use a baby’s sex to judge the strength of a woman. “Mssssshew”.  I remember vividly what happened the night Tricia went into labour – after a long and painful labour, the doctor told her that her baby was breech and as such they would have to do a Cesarean section (CS) to avoid endangering the life of the baby and hers. Tricia cried and asked why the mid-wife had not detect that on time, making her go through such an ordeal, after which she had to still go under the blade. I could still remember the aftermath pains she went through, one that could not be doused by the strong analgesic that was administered. The endless gassing, the scar and the not so beautiful tummy are the constant reminders. I cringed at the memory. After watching a woman go through that process and having been there myself, I could shut any man up that dare speak of a woman’s strength in very low terms.
Can the strength of a woman be effectively measured? One who hides her fears, while comforting and encouraging others to move beyond the limitations of their fears. It’s only a woman that can weather the overwhelming demands of work or business and still live up to the expectations of her man and society. Can I speak of the fatigue of daily household chores (for those who have loads), and yet a woman still have the patient to calm the whining of a child, help them unravel the intricacies of an assignment and still be the listening ear for her man! Only a woman can show love absolutely and discipline when needed, she alone has the grace to build and maintain the peace and warmth needed in any home. Much more can be said, even our mothers who neither knew the simple dynamics of accounting yet they efficiently kept and balanced their household ledgers; ensuring that the little finance provided by the “bread winner” could adequately cater for the welfare of their large families. These same tasks are now done by graduates in banks!  Women are truly strong!

 Before my day ended, (after Tricia’s gist) a friend forwarded the message below. After reading through it, I laughed and gave a thumb up to every woman.
On a lighter note, next time a guy asks you who’s stronger between men and women, ask him… 

•Can you bleed for a week and survive?
•Can you squeeze a 14 inch baby from a 2 Centimeter Hole?
•Can you carry a 7pound baby in your stomach for 9months?
•Can you take care of a child, cook, clean AND talk on the phone at one time?
•Can you carry a 108 lb shopping bag?
•Can you go a week only eating salad?
•Can you face heartbreak?
•Can you watch the love of your life be with someone else?
•Can you burn your forehead with a curling iron and not complain?
•Can you wear a string in your ass all day?(i love this!)
•Can you cry all night then wake up the next morning like everything is okay?”
•Can you walk all day in 5 inch heels?

I know that people are entitled to their opinion, whatever the opinion for the measurement of a woman’s strength may be; gender isn’t one of it. 
So let lying dogs be!

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