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The women before me.

My mom and sister.
My world’s best duo.
My comfort and home.
My pamper spots and rocking chair.
My joy, my pride.
My mentors, my tutors.

We’ve quarreled bitterly
Walked on eggshells like contending housemates do.
Allowed our harsh words tear and hurt each other.
Tongue-lashed ourselves, allowing bitter quarrels and malice to govern;
but wisdom, love, and forgiveness have found their course over the years.

As I grow in age, the impact of quarrels on human relationships is even more glaring.

I now appreciate the quiet, peace, and wisdom of reconciliation.
Don’t just bang the door and walk away. STAY!
Don’t push family away because of a hurting heart. Persevere!
Trusting love, faith, and blood to keep our bond firm.

I’ve learned to move past disagreements.
To allow love to cover the multitude of wrongs.
Mastering the art of letting go and keeping the bond.
Family is a lot of shit but in it lies unconditional love, depth, and forgiveness.
Memories, mistakes, lovely moments, endurance, and milestones remain at our core.

God is great! He made our families the training ground for building values, character, love, and instilling a sense of responsibility in us.

When all is said and done, the family remains our EVERYTHING.




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