FAMILY life lessons lockdown diary


Today, I woke up to breakfast in bed. 

Some slices of bread with fried egg with a cup of my recently discovered tea – lemon+ginger, a glass of fruit smoothie and a finger of banana.


As the tea settled on my bedside table, I yawned, stretched and smiled sheepishly at my chef ‘husband’. My hand spontaneously went for the tea, as the strong scent was simply irresistible and had recently made it to my ‘food crush’ list. However, my religious alarm buzzed – “don’t touch the food till you have prayed”. So I obliged

Once done, I devoured my meal. It was so filling and I was tempted to just curled up in bed and read. 

It took every ounce of strength to resist this urge and get to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for my crew of 3.

Before you all get swept off with thoughts of  “how I wish it happened to me”.

 Allow me take you back in time…

I went out briefly yesterday to stock up on lean meat, veggies and fruits. It was one of those trips I could not miss, not after listening to the familiar voice at the other end of the phone earlier that morning.

 “Madam I come market today o and I get your usual meat”

Truth be told, I could not pass on this opportunity. The availability of native goat meat was an unusual blessing in this ‘lockdown’ season; fondly referred to as ‘akop usem ebot‘ in my local dialect. I particularly love this specie of lean meat because it is easy to cook, taste good and has an inviting aroma. 

So I stepped out with great caution and with my 80% alcohol based sanitizer close by. 

Upon returning, I felt unusually exhausted and literally struggle to make a late lunch before hitting the couch to rest. 

By the end of the day, my feet hurt badly and my thoughts wondered to how to make it through my chores the next day.  

I imagined that breakfast in bed would be the perfect way to start my day; this will gently ease me into my numerous activities for the day. Before I dozed off, I dropped a chat for my already sleeping hubby.

“I am dreaming of breakfast in bed”

And this morning, I woke up to it


This experience affirms a particular line I read from a relationship coach years back – “No man is a mind reader”.

We all can do with a little HELP and pampering especially when an opportunity presents itself.

Do remember to ask nicely from your spouse and anyone available to assist.

Be grateful for the running feet, not forgetting to enjoy the generous doses of laughter and challenges that each day brings.

Life is beautiful.

Savour it, one day at a time!

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