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The Word Diligence

Be diligent at what your hands find to do, for diligence is the mother of good fortune.

A fortnight ago, I was opportune to speak on a panel of 4 at the just concluded Icreate Skills festival. The discussion was on creating an enabling environment for Artificial intelligence (AI) by analyzing different integration models for the digitalization of TVET, simply put, how do we digitalize the employment of tradesmen? It was my first time speaking in that capacity, and I didn’t have the jitters.

My first public speaking experience in my current role occurred when I officially launched the second Café One shop at Atlantic mall, Lekki, Lagos; a beautiful community center that blends premium banking with networking, Co-working, and Coffee.

My bosses were unavoidably absent, and the task fell on me as that shop was my second baby. I drew strength from my experience of teaching a class of 6 to 9 years old in the church to get through it. I remembered all the times I stood before them to share my thoughts and worked hard to keep their short attention span focused on me for the duration of our service.

I love teaching these age grades as they are at the stage of life where they speak frankly and ask questions that require me to think on my feet. You know I can’t respond with the cliche “I will get back to you” with these kids.

These experiences and the ones gained from hosting Trendymum Talks guided me through the unplanned panel discussion.

Never void your experience as you journey through life for your growth and success in the next phase may depend on it.

Show up strong!

Live intentionally!!


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