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Loving a man and giving of myself to nurture our relationship is exciting yet challenging. Growing a career while staying relevant in my field is tasking, then add raising 3 young and very active children deliberately in this megacity to this mix is no ‘beans’!

This is my life today!

Plusssss I am focused on maintaining a fit, healthy, and trendy lifestyle.

These roles are just three of the many others in my life that I daily strive to excitingly execute and stay fulfilled.

Kudos to all the ‘beauties’ slaying on these roles and still look unruffled.

Despite these roles and more, I need to remain the young girl in love with her man, the high-flying boss lady smashing on all KPIs, I want to be the mother that remains the safe place for my growing babies to find succor, the daring entrepreneur taking on new deals, the big sister aka mentor to the many young ladies starting their journey, I want to be the intellectual, author, encourager, intercessor, cheerleader, and sponsor holding the hands of others and pushing them unto greatness in their different phases of life.

And at other times I just want to ME – curled up in my world filled with novels, chocolate, and great music – jazz, with absolutely no expectations of me and from me!

How do I excel at these roles and stay true to ME is one question I have to answer at the dawn of each day

Do I get overwhelmed? Absolutely Yes! I’ve got  blood flowing in my veins ‘naa’!!

First, I draw strength from an amazing support system. My husband and friend aka #everydaymancrush, my squad of 3, my big sister Dr. R – who watches out for me baring open her life so I can learn and draw strength from, My covenant sister C – always untwisting the knots I make of my different roles and helping me navigate, my baby sister G – who patiently listens to my rants and help make sense of my gibberish, my colleagues and team at work – who are pushing on all frontiers, my…. (the list goes on).

Support systems are key to surviving each phase of life amongst other factors.

My support systems have served as my unpaid psychologist, strategist, idea bank, inspiration, emotional support, comedian, brakes, etc.

They are the light God placed on my life’s path to lighten my work and guide my pace. They are my pearls of inestimable value.

Secondly, I strive to prioritize! Only one thing is important per time. Identify that one thing and give of yourself and time to it. In some seasons, it may be a business/career, health, passion, academics, child/children, marriage/relationship, parents/sibling, whatever the priority may be, remember to have only one item on your front burner per time.

Lastly, pace yourself. Don’t compete with the world. Set the time for your achievables and be flexible. Don’t be too hard on yourself that you forget to enjoy the beauties of life and breaaaathe. 

Now that I have bared it all, be rest assured that I ain’t no superwoman and I am not trying to be one, I rely heavily on my support system, prioritizing and pacing myself.

I gulp up every love and attention showered on me without guilt, I happily enjoy the relationships and available shoulders to lean on, I accept the support, advice, and help from willing volunteers and never miss an opportunity to laugh my heart out or play like a child.

Neither should you!


Photo Credit – https://unsplash.com/@princearkman

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