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Life is a beautiful and an unending story
which comes with different phases. It sometimes looks like a theatre play where
one curtain falls and another rises, with the audience waiting to watch the
next scene with palpable expectations. Every phase of life will always unveil
newness, just like the petals of a beautiful rose.
We daily experience these phases of life in
varied ways ; the birth of another generation (a baby), the ‘leaving to
cleaving’ phase, the birthing of a passion or business, the offer of a prestige
job or the award of a big contract. In other cases, the offer of a long pursued
admission or the completion of a dream house; even embarking on a vacation that
had only been a fantasy, are all instances of the new phases life brings. 

Whatever the phase you are approaching or welcoming,
the feeling is usually beautiful, one of great expectation and joy. One can
only relish the satisfaction that comes with achieving this feat while basking
in the aftermath euphoria. “Was it worth the wait, efforts or desire?” Are
queries that will always clamour for a response as we clink glasses in
celebration or drown our champagne in silence. These different phases truly makes life exciting and full of expectations,
that seeming blank slate we have today will most definitely be a celebrated
plaque tomorrow.
For me,
today marks another phase – maturity has called, selflessness has beckon, it’s
another age to impact the earth – life! Oh yes life! What meaning would life
give if we commence every new phase just to satisfy another dream or attain
another goal. I chose to live selflessly, for each phase will only produce the
value we ascribe to it. Life will always bring the phases, it’s our duty to
ascribe the value!
that new job will truly be a new phase if we decide that it will serve as a
platform to inculcate, empower and impact values to those we are called to work
with or lead! The dream house – a peaceful abode for friends and family whose
aching or ailing heart needs your sanitary; that dream vacation – an
opportunity to show love to a stranger and teach another of a different culture
something new – value perhaps or strength of character! And the new spouse or
baby, another opportunity at positively impacting the world and planting a
generation of greatness!
For my
new phase, I am determined to ascribe value to it! To live intentionally,
affecting all I relate with positively. My purpose is to give life, as I have
been given!
So when
next you herald another phase of life, never forget that each phase will only produce the value we ascribe to it. Therefore
relish it and celebrate it intentionally.
Happy birthday to Trendy mama!

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    July 26, 2016 at 9:56 pm

    Every phase of our lives always unveils newness,my prayer is God help us see them,in time and make good use of them.

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    July 26, 2016 at 6:19 am

    This comment has been removed by the author.

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    July 26, 2016 at 5:29 am

    WoooooW. Happy birthday to lovely sister, friend, wife, mum, auntie, cousin…who lights up our lives. May joy, limitless joy be your heritage. Bask in God's love. Ini Ite Ubong

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