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Dear Friend,

Are you fatigued? 

 So tired (body and mind) that all you desire is a complete break from all the tasks and things competing for your attention?

 In the words of my friend, ‘I just want to take a physical and mental vacation.’ Does this describe you? 

Rest assured, you are not alone!

 In the past few weeks, I have struggled to find myself in between work, love, and family expectations. It hasn’t been easy applying all the tips from those articles I read when my heart desires a quick fix.

 My Schedule runs from staying abreast with my kids’ school work to keeping my love life ablaze, planning healthy meals for my home team, catching up on personal improvement goals to staying motivated to deliver at work. I should probably dedicate the song superwoman by Alicia Keys to every one of you in this boat. 

Sometimes it feels like life is in a fast-forward mode and one is trying to recover the time spent during the global lockdown. Hahaha! Truthfully, I am barely staying afloat amidst all these. There are so many tasks contesting for an “urgent and important ” attention in my mind, till I cautioned myself that MENTAL BREAKDOWN is real. 

 This reminder made me review and reorder my preferences to reflect my top priorities, and live each day, one moment at a time. This was followed by 6 hours of sleep on Friday night and another 4 uninterrupted hours after Saturday’s breakfast. I woke up feeling refreshed and renewed. My mama will always say ‘ only the living can praise God’ and I will add ‘only the living can complete a to-do list’.

 So now to the question – What are you doing about that fatigue? 

Constantly pushing yourself to complete another task, goal, event (fill it in) is not the ticket to self-satisfaction. 

Are you happy about it all? 

 Take a break and recalibrate. 

1. Sleep – long and uninterrupted

2. Engage in a relaxing activity – watch a movie, play a game, take a long walk, sing aloud, read a novel, etc 

3. Ask for help! Delegate! 

4. Practice gratitude – for all things. 

After all said and done, prioritize your task daily, assign time to what makes you happy, and live ONE DAY AT A TIME! 

Remember what the Bible says – Can all your worries add a single moment to your life? (Matthew 6:27 NLT) 

I leave you to answer that? 

Be assured with this – They will not be disgraced in hard times; even in famine, they will have more than enough. (Psalms 37:19 NLT) 

 Make the most of your time on earth and live intentionally.




Image Credit – https://unsplash.com/@brett_jordan

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