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We all have those days when it feels too hard.

Some days, you’re really triggered up and on others, nothing really happens.  It just feels overwhelming and hard to live by.

Often times, this feeling could go past days into weeks, where no one gets you and you just want to run for cover.

You question a lot of things, you question your identity, you even find yourself asking if you’re a good enough mum, good on your Job/business and if you really love your spouse, kids and even yourself.

Here is a reminder for you to just relax, breathe in, and remember that you’re only human, this may sound cliché. Alas, Relax! You have not lived this life before, and no one has walked this path you’re on before because your journey is uniquely yours!

You’ll need to normalize not over-analyze the process, understanding that the imperfections are all a part of why it is called a process.

That you won’t always get it, and on some days the best you can give is just scrape by, and you know what, that in itself is OK!

Just rest n the truth that every day is normal! The hard days, clumsy days, great days, picture-perfect days, days when you’re super productive, days when it feels too good to be true, and days when it just feels too hard.

All of these days are normal, and as you live by, you must strive to find sufficiency in each day.

Life is a gift, which should be treated accordingly. So bask at the moment, receive help, offer help, document family moments, and for the gift of life that daily unveils in the form of certainties and uncertainties – Let each day be enough.

Make it a habit to practice gratitude, I know that sounds like another cheesy line, but it’s really the tool you need in the midst of those difficult days. How can I stay grateful when I can’t even think straight is probably your next question?

On those difficult days, allow yourself to know it’s just another “normal” day and whatever has come with it, is just ok.

Think about even tougher days and how you got through it, allow yourself to be present enough to notice the blessing of everyday life; your partner/spouse, children/immediate family, your work, colleagues, friends, and neighbor and be thankful for them.

Hard days won’t cease to exist, but you will continue to grow and glow through it!

Dear Trendy Mom, when every day feels too hard, so what?

Always know that you’re doing just great!




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