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Where do you draw Strength?

Two members of my household were sick last week, and I was emotionally, mentally, and physically drained from caring for them, meeting work deadlines, and living up to other general expectations from life and family.

I felt overwhelmed, overworked, and worn out by anxiety. I constantly fretted over their loss of appetite, reoccurring fever, dull look, and unusually long sleep pattern. I completely forgot the medications administered were kicking in and, their bodies required the long rest to recover fully.

At some point, my body started craving in from all the pressure, I became feverish, lost my appetite, and was frequently tired. Then I decided to look to the only source from whom I always draw strength – God

Isaiah 26 v 3 offered great comfort.

You will keep the peace, a perfect peace, for all who trust in You,

for those who dedicate their hearts and minds to You – The Voice Translation.

This scripture offered me great comfort knowing that God understands my struggles, loves me greatly, and will always be with me through trying times.

Today, my duo are hale and hearty and I am grateful for health, life, and a great support system.

What are you grateful for?

Where do you draw strength from?


Image credit – https://unsplash.com/@dulceylima

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