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I am a 24/7 wife, mother of 3 and a career mum! I live in Lagos, Nigeria and love to cook, write, play and laugh! Everyday life events, the growth process and milestones in my children inspire my writings.

I am passionate about raising children who will love passionately, live purposefully and positively transform and impact their world.

Come, read and enjoy my journey through motherhood, learn from the practical experiences and tips on raising confident children; plus loads of motherhood tidbits, quick fixes and soul-lifting stories with a tinge of humour.

I will also share how I navigate the daunting task of building a demanding career and raising a young family full of fun and excitement.

My every day mantra is ‘live intentionally’.


I am a student of life who is married to one husband and is blessed to be the mother of 2 magnificent girls. She is driven by her passion to be impactful in every sphere of her life whether as a wife, mother, friend, sister, or employee.

Her greatest inspiration is drawn from engagement with her daughters, whom she want to see her not just as a mother but a role model.

For her family comes first because it is the only thing that really last a lifetime (one can always resign from a job, close down a business or change your looks to avoid friends but your family sticks like a barnacle).

With support from her husband, she can say that she is learning to juggle life one ball at a time, trying to maintain balance and hoping no one drops. Her family’s greatest joy will be above all things to raise children that love and fear God and can face the world courageously.


I am a sassy Customer Experience professional married to Sir Chidubem Obiodu and blessed with 4 adorable kids.

I believe in the miracle of family bond, love, and growth. My marriage has been a divine gift of restoration to me as I see God in every moment I have spent as a wife and mother.

Raising four beautiful kids has been the greatest opportunity afforded to me by God to be a co-creator in his universe. However, unlike God who is all knowing, I have learnt, still learning and happy to learn from my kids the best ways to express love. They give me an open canvas every day to paint the picture of love that I hear in our conversations, see in the smiles on their faces, feel in their hugs, and taste in their experimental recipes they cook up.

With a husband that supports every venture I set my mind to and gets me motivated with carefully selected endeavors; I consider myself BLESSED.

When I hear someone reference my kids as a yardstick of good behavior or I listen to them banter on their understanding of a scripture passage, I smile, thanking God for his blessings and I pray fervently that these little Me(s) go on to positively impact everyone that they come across and I can deliver saints back to God when my time comes.

I wear many hats and can be qualified by different adjectives but what defines me the most is the laughter that rings out from me when I receive a phone call from my hubby or read a text message from my teenagers or the big warm hugs from my younger kids.

Indeed, My family is My everything.


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