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hope INSPIRATIONAL life lessons


There was a new role advertised in the office – one that I and everyone else agreed that I was the best fit. So, I went on to apply and waited for the shortlisting process to be complete. As expected, I cut alongside six others who got invited for a chat – I was excited! I went for the chat and aced it from the feedback received. Then, I took my eyes off the ball and forgot to prepare for…

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INSPIRATIONAL life lessons quiet assurance


 I can never forget my very first experience of an actual competition. It was in nursery class; I must have been about 3 or 4 years old. For a couple of weeks, the teachers had been preparing us for a short distance race for the upcoming school inter-house sports day. The race was named the Biscuit Race – it required contestants to eat a handful of biscuits at the starting line once the whistle was blown and then race to…

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inspiration life lessons parenting raising children

SUPPORT NETWORK – Lesson from my 8-year-old

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I love listening to my daughters’ chit chat as I find their giggles and chatter soothing and at rare times irksome. They frequently indulge in this when cleaning out the dishes, handling house chores, waiting for sleep to kiss their eyelids, and at those times that I say “no” to their request for extended TV time. Listening to this chit chats have been very insightful and revealing as well. Recently, I listened in as they chatted while cleaning out the…

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LIFE life lessons Motherhood raising children RELATIONSHIP


One of the most terrifying sights for most parents I will assume, is to see their toddler with a sharp object. Numerous videos of toddlers going to great lengths to retrieve the object of their interest, flood the internet. From climbing out of their cribs to scaling over a refrigerator. One begins to wonder how creatures so sweet and little can “manifest” the way they do. Asides from when they are asleep, quiet time is not what parents with active…

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Gratitude lagos traffic life lessons


“Good afternoon aboki ina”, I flashed a tired smile to the group of truck drivers huddled together and conversing in fluent Hausa language. They all turned to stare at me, with just one responding to my salutation with, “hey”! I kept smiling at them while explaining the little favour I required of them. “A good smile always breaks barriers and open doors!” My boss would always emphasize. I politely requested each driver to move their trucks and trailers to give…

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FAMILY life lessons Motherhood raising children

DEALING WITH EXPECTATIONS- Lessons from my younger kids.

It was September of 2018 and the time had come for our first daughter to move on to secondary school. She was the mini mum in the house and at her age (10) she could take charge of some home chores without supervision. Amidst of all the fanfare of transitioning we (hubby & I) had assumed that our younger kids would step into those shoes. We were hit with the reality of things on the first Saturday after Zee left…

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inspiration life lessons Motherhood raising children RELATIONSHIP

SPECIFICITY: Lessons from a 3-year-old

She was 3 years old, we had an argument about what she did wrong. She maintained her punishment was not equal to the crime, but as the administrator of the punishment, I felt it was. So, I said,” off to your bed right now!”. In an act of unwilling obedience, my young lady stomped off to her room. I had to stifle the laughter brewing within as I watched the little being stomp her tiny feet away in anger, it…

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FAMILY life lessons Motherhood RELATIONSHIP values

FAMILY VALUES – My inspiration to creating one

A fortnight ago, just before bedtime, My 10 year asked – “Mum, what are our family values”? I did not have a ready answer, so I responded – “Can we talk about it tomorrow?”. I needed time to put on my thinking cap and coordinate my response. Honestly, it had been a while we discussed our family vision and mission, which we put up some years back. Read about it here Her question came as a needful and timely reminder to…

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Affirmation CHILDREN life lessons Motherhood raising children


When my 3-year-old gets agitated at his inability to write numbers 3 and 8 perfectly, he becomes teary-eyed. He often resorts to, “Mummy, please hold my hand to write” as the easy way out. Most often I concede, just to get through the task without drama. Recently, I have adopted another method – AFFIRMATION! Guiding his hands to write is not the best way out, especially when I have watched him write those same numbers perfectly a number of times.…

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CHILDREN Gratitude life lessons Motherhood raising children

A FALL TOO MANY – The domestic accident story

Today, my 3 year old fell and hit his forehead on the TV stand in the sitting room. I heard the loud crashing sound from my room, rushed out to find him crying with blood trickling down his face, and mixed with tears. The sisters screamed at the sight, while I was momentarily frozen. My tummy churned at the sight of the blood oozing from his eyelid while my eyes were heavy with unshed tears. I was so frightened that…

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