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The mind of a child is truly limitless! How else can I explain my kid’s quest to have their desired picnic without any input from me? It all began with this line, “Mummy can we have a picnic tomorrow?” I answered non-committally, “let’s see what tomorrow holds,” a reply which made my 11 years old make a snickering sound with an “it ain’t gonna happen” face. I listened in amazement as my 9 and 4 years old planned, conversed, and get all…

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CHILDREN INSPIRATIONAL life lessons Motherhood


I was cornered into reading the kid’s devotional with my 4 years old son this morning and I enjoyed the experience! With the second term holidays in full swing, the girls are savoring the long and uninterrupted morning sleep; and waking up late is gradually becoming the norm. Seddie being an early riser is mostly on the lookout for activities to keep him engaged till the sisters’ are awake. In his bid to stay engaged this morning, he suggested ‘abi!’…

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back to school CHILDREN covid - 19 excelling


Parental involvement is twice as predictive of a child’s academic success than socioeconomic status… Michigan Department of Education The re-opening of offices, organizations, and schools has left a lot of people feeling scared and somewhat overwhelmed with unspoken expectations. The fear of ‘life after Covid-19’ now stares us in the face. For most parents, the days feel short and time crowded with many ‘urgent and important’ tasks. We are all forced to think out workable ways to maintain health and…

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Affirmation CHILDREN life lessons Motherhood raising children


When my 3-year-old gets agitated at his inability to write numbers 3 and 8 perfectly, he becomes teary-eyed. He often resorts to, “Mummy, please hold my hand to write” as the easy way out. Most often I concede, just to get through the task without drama. Recently, I have adopted another method – AFFIRMATION! Guiding his hands to write is not the best way out, especially when I have watched him write those same numbers perfectly a number of times.…

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CHILDREN Gratitude life lessons Motherhood raising children

A FALL TOO MANY – The domestic accident story

Today, my 3 year old fell and hit his forehead on the TV stand in the sitting room. I heard the loud crashing sound from my room, rushed out to find him crying with blood trickling down his face, and mixed with tears. The sisters screamed at the sight, while I was momentarily frozen. My tummy churned at the sight of the blood oozing from his eyelid while my eyes were heavy with unshed tears. I was so frightened that…

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CHILDREN holiday life lessons summer school


Life is truly in stages! Some years back I had vehemently opposed any form of ‘schooling’ during the long school holiday, especially the different variations that commences at the beginning or the middle of the long vacation. I always held onto the belief that three terms are long enough in a school session to impart every form of knowledge and fun. As such, the long vacation should all be about rest, play and fun activities. Now, at the stage of…

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CHILDREN eating healthy food menu food time table holiday tips

FOOD MENU FOR CHILDREN – simple and convenient menu for the long holiday

We still have about a month to the next school session and vacation is now in full swing! The fun just got amplified and I am seeking new ways to keep up with my crew😃😃.  Summer coaching, vacation bible school and the likes seem to only add to their excitement. Are there any ideas on keeping these children engaged and channel their energy creatively? I am really waiting on suggestions😎. It is even difficult to stay quietly around these ‘fire…

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CHILDREN piggy bank savings and investment

THE PIGGY BANK INSPIRATION – 5 lessons on money habits for children

‘Kolo’ the traditional name for piggy bank came to mind immediately I stumbled on the picture above. I could not help but reminisce on the earthen piggy bank I owned as a child. One, I guided jealously till the day it was broken to retrieve my savings. This experience shaped my first attempt at saving and my eventual perception of money. In whatever design or shape the piggy bank or ‘kolo’ comes in, the subtle message it holds remains the…

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Appreciating teachers appreciation CHILDREN end of a session values

APPRECIATING THE ANGELS WITHIN – 7 inexpensive ways to appreciate a teacher

        “A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind, and touches a heart” – Author Unknown Teachers are simply priceless and their impact in the lives they tutored are timeless;  they are not in any way constrained to the four walls of a classroom or lecture theatre as the lessons and values taught and impacted are immeasurable. We can readily christen any person impacting knowledge, values and character to another directly or indirectly, in ways that mould the mind and guide…

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bounding CHILDREN family time fun activity


Your children get only one childhood. Make it memorable.     Regina Brett It’s weekend people and I am excited!! Scrap that! The kids and I are super excited!! We always anticipate Friday because all house rules (lol) are relaxed and sometimes become temporarily non-existent. Fridays  always dawn with this melodious song of freedom from my girls to the heavens! For the day comes with freedom from all form of mandatory tasks; from school assignments, to siestas, to compulsory bedtime and…

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