Trendymum Talks 2.0 held on August 28 2020

Pastor Tolu Akinbami is the founder of ‘The watcher’s Prayer Ministry’ shared ways to navigate uncertain times.
Trendy Mum talks is an offshoot of The Trendymum community. It is a session to share, inspire and equip today’s trendy ladies with wisdom nuggets to stay fulfilled as they take on the different roles in their lives’ pursuit.
Our goal is to stand on the shoulders of giants to learn how to navigate the sphere of life we find ourselves.
Our GIANTS, are other experienced women who have walked the path and are happy to share their experiences and serve as a guide.

Trendymum Talks 3.0 held on September 26 2020

Mrs Funmi Gombe is the founder of ‘The Event Nanny’ shared on ways to successfully manage work and family expectations.

Here are a few snippets


  • To effectively wear the different hats of mom, wife, worker, daughter, etc. Learn to draw strength and inspiration to keep you going from the Holy Ghost.


  • When you drop your balls at work or home, never let the feeling of guilt get the better part of you.


  • Take the option of talking things through with the wronged party, making the effort of correcting the inactions, treating issues.
    Identify your glass balls at work and home; these should be our non-negotiable priorities.


  • If you have a support system at home or work, use it! Delegate tasks, clearly define expectations and responsibilities and allow people free hand to work, do not be a micromanager.


  • Never forget that as a mother, you may never see the details of everything that happens at home, there will be blind spots. In those situations, ask the Holy Ghost to help you see the blind spots.


  • Take good care of your support system – nannies, caregivers, drivers, family members offering help at home, even direct reports at work. Little acts of kindness encourage them to deliver well on their job.


  • Nurture your seeds as the grass is not always green on the other side, it can be green where you are.


  • Nurture relationships with your family and friends. Tend to your work, take care of your garden – your body because you cannot give what you do not have.

Trendymum Talks 4.0 held on November 21st 2020.

Topic: Identifying Priorities – What matters most in each season

Binta Max-Gbinijie moonlights as a Financial services expert but is only just a JESUS lover who is passionate about GOD, an unrepentant female enthusiast and an advocate for equality.


We laughed, learned and had fun as we listen to Binta discuss the topic Identifying Priorities – What matters most in each season.


  • Did you know that every woman passes through five seasons of life?


  • Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter and Twilight.


  • Spring (21 to 30) – This is a spinster, or young married woman where life is refreshing and an adventure. With the start of college or a fresh start in marriage, this woman is trying her wings out in the world and deciding with her actions the person she will become.


  • Summer (30 to 40) – A mother with young children in the home, giving physical strength to her children and husband.


  • Fall (50 to 60) – A mother with older children out of the home. An emotional season where your children do not require your physical assistance, but rather emotional support and guidance.


  • Winter (50 -60)– A well-seasoned woman who is coming towards the end of her life. Her children have grandchildren, leaving her with memories of the days when things were so active and busy. She is not near as busy as she was in the past, but wonders if she is of any value.


  • Twilight (70 and above) – Greying with grace and enjoying life.

TrendyMum Talks 5.0 held on the 12th of December 2020

Topic: Women, Winning and More

Our December GIANT – Olufunke Damilola Isichei is a passionate client management expert who employs unique and creative strategies to deliver positive customer experience and exceed clients’ expectations.


She is popularly known as the “mentors’ mentor” as she has groomed many younger colleagues who are strategically positioned in high profile roles within the Telecommunication, Banking sectors etc.


She has officially mentored at work for about 16 years and at the prestigious Women in Successful Career [WISCAR] for about 7 years. Funke discussed on Women, Winning and more, she left all participants pumped and ready to WIN in 2021.


It was a memorable session where we laughed, learned and had fun.


Below are snippets


  • Every woman should have a value system that runs their life – such values must be obvious to all.


  • Define success on your terms, achieve it by your own rules, and build a life you’re proud to live.


  • .
    Define your worth, then add tax. Never negotiate on who you are.


  • Introduce yourself as the woman you want to be, tell your man about the woman you are planning to be and how you want to get there, and how he can help you get there.


  • Build a support network and use it!


  • Women need mentors and sponsors; these are needful at any level in life.


  • A woman can have it all and more. Only focus as no one can stop you but you.


  • Doubt and fear cause us to lose out. Never forget that you are just enough.


  • Don’t compare yourself with another human, do your SWOT analysis and focus on your path.


  • It’s either you find the job you love or love the job you find.

TrendyMum Talks 6.0 held on the 30th of January 2021

Topic: Celebrating the Woman Within

Our January GIANT – Ngozi Akinyele is a multifaceted woman. Growing up, her father always told her and her four sisters to “beat them boys and girls”. And he meant that academically not physically. 


Today, she channels that drive and culture of excellence into her roles as a wife, mother, minister and professional. Ngozi’s career coat is one of many colours. 


Ngozi encouraged us to have some set of words that succinctly describes the person we are. 


This should be our dose of ‘OXYGEN’, one we should frequently refer to it to keep us ‘high’ and positive. Also to always celebrate our 3 ‘Ps’ – Person, Process, and People.

TrendyMum Talks 7.0 held on the 27th of February 2021.

Our January GIANT – Crystal Chigbu is a cheerful, free-spirited, and open-minded person who loves food and window shopping. You are right if you call her the life of a party, for she loves to dance too! She is the Founder of The Irede Foundation which was birth in 2012 following her personal experience. She is a Development Consultant focused on helping children living with limb loss live self-sufficient lives. She has set a standard in the disability space through her advocacy and strongly believes that “disability is only a thing of the mind.” Crystal encouraged us to categorize our relationships into buckets of family, friends, business partners, romantic relationships, help/support systems. Also to be genuinely interested in people as we were not created to live in isolation.

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