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The little Acts that make the difference

It’s in the little acts. It’s in the words of affirmation, It’s the little acts and moments showing appreciation for all the efforts poured into our home that make motherhood gratifying for me. I am even blown away when these acts come from my biggest fan and cheerleader – my #husbandoflife. In the last few months, I have taken on every role imaginable for my family. I’ve been the cook, the driver, the personal shopper, the nurse, the adviser, the…

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The Trap of ME

I recently had a wake-up call courtesy of my 6-year-old son Seddie. During our nightly prayer time, I asked Seddie if he had any special prayer requests, and he responded with something that surprised me. “Mum,” he said, “I want Lason to know that there is a God. He says God doesn’t exist and doesn’t believe in Him. I’ve tried to tell him about God, but he won’t listen. So please pray for him.” As we said a prayer for…

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Intriguing Conversations with My 6-Year-Old

As a parent, there’s nothing as interesting as engaging in a deep and meaningful conversation with your child. The other day, I returned from grocery shopping and left the price list on the table. My six-year-old son, Seddie, picked it up and began reading out each item of purchase. This led to a fascinating exchange between us: Seddie: Mummy, what is feminine care? Me: That must be Tampax, I answered while washing the fruits. Seddie: What is Tampax? Me: Eeemmh,…

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TRUSTING like a child

“The innocence of children is what makes them stand out as a shining example to the rest of the world.” – Kurt Chambers Children are the most loving, curious, and innocent beings on earth. I love their innocence, especially how trusting they are, without a care in the world. Earlier this week, I dashed into my room to pick an item when my eyes fell on a white paper planted right in the middle of my dresser! A curious glance at…

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The women before me. My mom and sister. My world’s best duo. My comfort and home. My pamper spots and rocking chair. My joy, my pride. My mentors, my tutors. We’ve quarreled bitterly Walked on eggshells like contending housemates do. Allowed our harsh words tear and hurt each other. Tongue-lashed ourselves, allowing bitter quarrels and malice to govern; but wisdom, love, and forgiveness have found their course over the years. As I grow in age, the impact of quarrels on…

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The Word Diligence

Be diligent at what your hands find to do, for diligence is the mother of good fortune. A fortnight ago, I was opportune to speak on a panel of 4 at the just concluded Icreate Skills festival. The discussion was on creating an enabling environment for Artificial intelligence (AI) by analyzing different integration models for the digitalization of TVET, simply put, how do we digitalize the employment of tradesmen? It was my first time speaking in that capacity, and I…

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My Worry-Free Pill

                         “Man for the sake of getting a living forgets to live” – Margaret Fuller   Are you worried? Last weekend, I woke up with a heavy heart. I was berserk with worry, and I was helpless trying to stop this marauding beast from taking my joy. As my mind circled over the several issues, I convinced my rational mind that crying would be my best outlet. My eyes love…

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IWD Celebration – My Gift

What was your International Women’s Day gift? Well, I got a wrapper😂 HE GIFTED ME A WRAPPER!!🤣 My 5-year-old gave me a gift to commensurate international women’s day. ‘Mummy!’ Seddie called. ‘Yes,’ I answered without looking up, still hammering away on my keyboard. ‘Happy international women’s day, mummy.’ I paused momentarily, looked up, and smiled. ‘Here is a gift for you’; he continued, extending a beautifully folded ‘wrapper’ with a smile. A big smile engulfed my face, and my heart…

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It’s The Season to be Thankful

This season makes me jingle!!! Don’t judge, be happy with me, for I am in love with the thrills & excitement the Christmas season brings! I especially cherish how the thanksgiving celebration heralds this season of love and merriment.  I love how the year-long events have amassed into bountiful achievements. I love the gratitude it raises within me and the opportunity to look inward and count my blessings. As I grew older😊, I stopped assessing my goals at intervals and…

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Where do you draw Strength?

Two members of my household were sick last week, and I was emotionally, mentally, and physically drained from caring for them, meeting work deadlines, and living up to other general expectations from life and family. I felt overwhelmed, overworked, and worn out by anxiety. I constantly fretted over their loss of appetite, reoccurring fever, dull look, and unusually long sleep pattern. I completely forgot the medications administered were kicking in and, their bodies required the long rest to recover fully.…

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