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The little Acts that make the difference

It’s in the little acts.
It’s in the words of affirmation,
It’s the little acts and moments showing appreciation for all the efforts poured into our home that make motherhood gratifying for me. I am even blown away when these acts come from my biggest fan and cheerleader – my #husbandoflife.

In the last few months, I have taken on every role imaginable for my family. I’ve been the cook, the driver, the personal shopper, the nurse, the adviser, the cheerleader, the teacher, and even the hairstylist. It’s been a season of stepping out of my comfort zone without help from the support system I previously enjoyed and considered gold to navigating a phase where I am technically on my own (OYO) with the maximum support from my kids, who I fondly call my housemates.

Coming home to see a gift and a handwritten card appreciating me, especially this season, got me tearing up. I am grateful for the gift of great men like my #husbandoflife.

So here is a reminder to appreciate a woman today, especially those who go above and beyond for the family, workplaces or businesses, and every support that contributes to making your life easier and being the best version of YOU.

Be sure to celebrate or show your appreciation before an occasion. Be deliberate, for it’s the words of affirmation and little acts of appreciation that may be all the magic they need to keep going. So, take a moment today to send a text, leave a post-it note, or even give a warm hug to the working mom or support in your life who deserves it.

Life can be challenging, but kind words, love and deliberate acts of appreciation make all the difference.




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