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The little Acts that make the difference

It’s in the little acts. It’s in the words of affirmation, It’s the little acts and moments showing appreciation for all the efforts poured into our home that make motherhood gratifying for me. I am even blown away when these acts come from my biggest fan and cheerleader – my #husbandoflife. In the last few months, I have taken on every role imaginable for my family. I’ve been the cook, the driver, the personal shopper, the nurse, the adviser, the…

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GETTING MY GROOVE BACK – 15 Ways To Remain In love 11

And so I paid a visit to my mentor and poured out my heart and she lovingly advised me from her wealth of experience. So if you are nursing a baby or currently fagged out from raising kids, running a home, pursuing a career, building a business or earning a degree and you are lost on how to get your groove back with your hubby or that special ‘somebori’; learn from these practical but insightful tips shared below by my…

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GETTING MY GROOVE BACK – 15 Ways To Remain In love in spite of life pressures . Pt.1

“I don’t feel loved” … This thought played games with my mind this whole week as I engaged in my day to day activities. I tried unsuccessfully to steer my thoughts from it and even searched my heart for that ‘love feeling’ to refute this line, but it persistently invaded my thoughts and strongly too. The constant weariness I felt by the end of each day did not help. “It must be this constant weariness manifesting”. I silently scolded myself…

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Few ago weeks, hubby and I attended a marriage seminar. It was a fun filled and a really hilarious session. It was more of a refresher course for us and a reminder to be consistent in the ‘good’ we were doing to each other, while improving on the areas we slacked. We had a good time laughing at the examples given by the facilitators and even most questions and the answers discussed. Not to mention, that most of the issues…

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A fortnight ago my bosom friend Nana got married to her heartthrob Wale, it was a beautiful ceremony with lots of good looking men, beautiful ladies and sumptuous food. I love it when people marry young, as in mid or late 20s or even early 30s. I believe it creates an opportunity for the couple to grow together, learn from each other and generally face the ups and downs of life together (assuming the spouse is at most 5 -8 years above…

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GUEST POST – “Yes, he beats me, yet I love him”

She got out of her 1994 Nissan Sentra, hobbling. Some visible, though vanishing bruises around her left eye couldn’t be concealed even with the heavy make-up she had on. She moaned and grimaced a bit as she shook my hands. “What happened, girl?” I asked her curiously. “Nothing, Fola, nothing”, she said, forcing a smile. “What do you mean by ‘nothing’? You are shuffling and hobbling, and you want me to believe that there is nothing?” She continued to force…

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Happy are those children who have a mother to whom they can pour out their hearts and always count on her understanding, and a father in whose strength and loyalty they are so confident that they seek his advice and help all their lives. Many people long to be such parents to their children, and could be, if only they possessed enough wisdom and love. – Eberhard Arnold I love this quote by Eberhard Arnold. It adds credence to the role…

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