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FAMILY life lessons Motherhood raising children

DEALING WITH EXPECTATIONS- Lessons from my younger kids.

It was September of 2018 and the time had come for our first daughter to move on to secondary school. She was the mini mum in the house and at her age (10) she could take charge of some home chores without supervision. Amidst of all the fanfare of transitioning we (hubby & I) had assumed that our younger kids would step into those shoes. We were hit with the reality of things on the first Saturday after Zee left…

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FAMILY life lessons Motherhood RELATIONSHIP values

FAMILY VALUES – My inspiration to creating one

A fortnight ago, just before bedtime, My 10 year asked – “Mum, what are our family values”? I did not have a ready answer, so I responded – “Can we talk about it tomorrow?”. I needed time to put on my thinking cap and coordinate my response. Honestly, it had been a while we discussed our family vision and mission, which we put up some years back. Read about it here Her question came as a needful and timely reminder to…

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FAMILY life lessons lockdown diary raising children


Today, we had our Monthly Performance Review (MPR) via Microsoft office team and it was a long meeting. As the meeting progressed, the public power supply went off, after a while the inverter went off too and I was in partial darkness with sparse lighting from the window close by.   My ever loving 3-year-old, ran through the hallway and saw me seated in the dark area with a laptop and Ear plug on; then the following conversation below ensued:…

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FAMILY LIFE Motherhood parenting Post Covid-19 raising children

THE NEW NORMAL – my online schooling story

Thank God it’s Friday!! Whew! see me jumping and dancing into the weekend Online schooling has not been a stroll in the park like we initially envisaged. The snippets we watched online and as practiced in other countries did not reveal the full story O!   The past 3 weeks of online schooling has been tasking, demanding and full of drama…especially in handling my son who is in the nursery class as he requires full supervision and support to go…

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FAMILY life lessons lockdown diary


Today, I woke up to breakfast in bed.  Some slices of bread with fried egg with a cup of my recently discovered tea – lemon+ginger, a glass of fruit smoothie and a finger of banana. Haaa! As the tea settled on my bedside table, I yawned, stretched and smiled sheepishly at my chef ‘husband’. My hand spontaneously went for the tea, as the strong scent was simply irresistible and had recently made it to my ‘food crush’ list. However, my…

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FAMILY fun memories life. experience mothers day


The bond between a mother and her son can only be explained by the Creator who in His infinite wisdom made such relationship unique. I share such a beautiful bond with my soon to be 4 years old, he ceaselessly compliments my cooking, dressing, hairdo and nails. Yesterday, he asked to accompany me to change my nail paint and even suggested what colour he would love my nail painted with. I can’t remember telling him of any plan to visit…

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FAMILY life lessons living intentionally love and laughter raising children routine


At the end of each work day, I look forward to my journey home with joy and a smile on my face. The memory of the welcoming arms of my ‘3  man squad’ rouses a chuckle and the attendant expected drama makes my heart warm and long to be home as quickly as possible. Once I drive in, my crew will chorus ‘mummy welcome’ with excited voices right from the window and then six arms will eagerly wait their turn to give…

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christmas FAMILY living intentionally love and life


A few weeks ago the Christmas decorations at Ajose Adeogun roundabout in Victoria Island, Lagos, was officially lighted up. So I took my crew of three to see this beautiful sight which coincidentally ushers in Christmas in Lagos for most residents.   As we drove around, I reminded my 8year old of her feeble attempts at pronouncing the words ‘Christmas decoration’ when she was three years (read about it here). So the girls asked my 2-year-old to pronounce ‘Christmas decoration’;…

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childbirth FAMILY potty training


The excited voice of my girls ushered me into the house with shouts of – “Mummy! good news!! good news!!!” I smiled and look around greatly anticipating to see the good news or what it was all about. “Mummy Seddy pooed in his potty today” my first daughter said, smiling and clapping her hands in excitement, while my 6 year old jumped all over the sofa in excitement. I smiled as I walked toward the young dude that had achieved…

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FAMILY marriage my groove RELATIONSHIP

GETTING MY GROOVE BACK – 15 Ways To Remain In love 11

And so I paid a visit to my mentor and poured out my heart and she lovingly advised me from her wealth of experience. So if you are nursing a baby or currently fagged out from raising kids, running a home, pursuing a career, building a business or earning a degree and you are lost on how to get your groove back with your hubby or that special ‘somebori’; learn from these practical but insightful tips shared below by my…

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