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At the end of each work day, I look forward to my journey home with joy and a
smile on my face. The memory of the welcoming arms of my ‘3  man
squad’ rouses a chuckle and the attendant expected drama makes my heart
warm and long to be home as quickly as possible.
Once I drive in, my crew will chorus ‘mummy welcome’ with excited voices
right from the window and then six arms will eagerly wait their turn to give me
a tight yet warm to hug once I step in. Then the different versions of the
day’s events will spill out without restraint until I cut the flow with ‘hold a bit while I change up’ or the outright ‘it’s not a good time dear’; put the
conversation on ‘pause’ till I re-emerge from my chambers
As the girls steal the show every time I walk in, my son walks beside me
often quietly picking up the lunch bag or any other item that needs to be
carried from the door to the house. I can’t fathom the composure of this 33
months old guy fondly christened ‘Seddie’
Once in my room, Seddie silently hands me my slippers, hair net, and a
favourite bum short
😁😂. I had to ask hubby
why this little man chooses this bum-short despite the stack within his arm’s
As we go through my ‘change up routine’, the conversation between my son
and I, are limited to ‘thank you, how was your day and did you finish your
food’.  On his part, all inquiries are responded to in monosyllables
of “yes” and “fine”.
And on days I chose to take a bath before going to the living room or
Kitchen, you can trust Seddie to be right by the bathroom door waiting
patiently for me or repeatedly asking ‘mummy are you bathing, are you scrubbing
your face or are you rinsing your body?’
This evening ‘policing’ all culminate to one thing – Seddie occupying
the coveted seat on my laps once I get a chance to sit down 
😁, and then I sit to listen to the
summary of the day’s event in each kid’s life. Some days I get to share the
highlight of my day with them too.
These conversations and activities always warm my heart and make me
smile. Every day I am privileged to relive this routine with my gang, I am
simply grateful to God, for I am conscious of the fact that this stage of
our life is transitory and these memories will be the bedrock for more open and
honest conversations with them in the nearest future.
Never forget that our blessings are in the little and sometimes
negligible things or events life daily takes us through. Stop looking out for
spectacular blessings, be grateful for the ‘usual’ and simply relish it.
Now I understand better what the Psalmist means in Psalm 68 v 19 which
Blessed be the Lord, who daily loadeth us with benefits,
 the God of our salvation;
 for this is my reality.
Your ‘end of day’ routine may not include kids like mine; yours may be a
long and interrupted shower
😁, the comfort of your
bed, a favourite meal, movie or just the quietness of your home. Whatever makes
your heart long for home, enjoy it with gratitude.
And if you don’t have a routine, create one, so the home can beckon and
remain the first appeal after the day’s job.
Do you have a routine you anticipate at the end of your
day?  Please share in the comment box below.
Live intentionally!
Let gratitude accentuate your life!!

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