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INSPIRATIONAL life happenings living intentionally new perspective

You only live once!

It happened a few weeks ago, after drafting my reading timetable ahead of the much-dreaded Bar finals when I had this cloak of fear paralyse me.  It seemed like a huge mountain which had to be climbed. I felt anxiety well up inside me, burst out in tears, and I was surprised to find myself doing so. I cried because of the journey ahead of me. I feared it will consume me. Isn’t that the way we approach life sometimes? We want to…

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celebration christmas inspiration living intentionally Motherhood thanksgiving

It’s The Season to be Thankful

This season makes me jingle!!! Don’t judge, be happy with me, for I am in love with the thrills & excitement the Christmas season brings! I especially cherish how the thanksgiving celebration heralds this season of love and merriment.  I love how the year-long events have amassed into bountiful achievements. I love the gratitude it raises within me and the opportunity to look inward and count my blessings. As I grew older😊, I stopped assessing my goals at intervals and…

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light bulb moments living intentionally Mid year Motherhood perception word inspiration


“Mark ran up the stairs and away from the big black cat, he wrapped his arms around his skinny body trembling with fright…” I lay beside my 4 years old, listening to him read fluently from an old storybook. I smiled thoughtfully as my heart swelled with so much pride. A few months ago, pronouncing three-letter and four-letter words were a great struggle which made my heart worry. It didn’t occur to my ‘overly expectant self’ that Seddie was just…

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joy living intentionally MOTIVATIONAL


I had just gained admission into school at the time. I was still a teenager, trying to figure out life on my own. I was sick often, I did not like my course of study, I was different in a lot of ways and many people did not like me. All of these, coupled with the fact that my family at the time was financially broke. My parents are civil servants and the government did not pay them for an…

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life. experience living intentionally strength


Dear Friend, Are you fatigued?   So tired (body and mind) that all you desire is a complete break from all the tasks and things competing for your attention?  In the words of my friend, ‘I just want to take a physical and mental vacation.’ Does this describe you?  Rest assured, you are not alone!  In the past few weeks, I have struggled to find myself in between work, love, and family expectations. It hasn’t been easy applying all the tips…

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FAMILY life lessons living intentionally love and laughter raising children routine


At the end of each work day, I look forward to my journey home with joy and a smile on my face. The memory of the welcoming arms of my ‘3  man squad’ rouses a chuckle and the attendant expected drama makes my heart warm and long to be home as quickly as possible. Once I drive in, my crew will chorus ‘mummy welcome’ with excited voices right from the window and then six arms will eagerly wait their turn to give…

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christmas FAMILY living intentionally love and life


A few weeks ago the Christmas decorations at Ajose Adeogun roundabout in Victoria Island, Lagos, was officially lighted up. So I took my crew of three to see this beautiful sight which coincidentally ushers in Christmas in Lagos for most residents.   As we drove around, I reminded my 8year old of her feeble attempts at pronouncing the words ‘Christmas decoration’ when she was three years (read about it here). So the girls asked my 2-year-old to pronounce ‘Christmas decoration’;…

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family mission statement family time living intentionally raising children


A family mission statement is a combined, unified expression from all family members of what your family is all about — what it is you really want to do and be — and the principles you choose to govern your family life. -Stephen Covey Some times last year we wrote out our family mission and vision statement and pasted it on our refrigerator to serve as a guide to all the new and old members of my family. Lol! This initiative was…

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