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We had just finished dinner and were still seated, staring at our empty plates while relishing the delicious pasta, I had whipped up minutes after I came home. And then the song began… Hilarious and out of tune, however, the wordings communicated the intent, and I had a good laugh. “mummy, mummy, always giving us the best of meals, breakfast, lunch….. mummy, mummy oo… always the best…..” Daddy took the lead of the newly ensembled choir while the rest of…

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Harmattan in Nigeria comes with a nostalgic feeling for me, the cold, dry and hazy weather brings back fond memories of my primary school days at a beautiful city called Kaduna State in Northern Nigeria. The intensity of the cold and dry weather caused our parents to dressed us up so warmly like Eskimos going to the Antarctica. I can almost hear the distant voices of my classmate singing our beautiful harmattan poem as loudly as only excited children can; Harmattan Naked…

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GUEST POST – Nigeria @ 56, What do you love about Nigeria

“What do you love about Nigeria?” This was the question a TV presenter asked her interviewee.The later answered the question with so much ease and with all sincerity of heart, Her many reasons got me thinking and I wondered..If I were asked what I loved about Nigeria, my own country, what would I say?  I realized that this same question someone answered with ease, got me pondering for minutes!  However, I eventually got my answers … * I love the spirit of the…

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Yipppeee! The hours, minutes and seconds finally ticked off and its now 26th of July 2015! I am super excited and I can’t keep calm! It is official that I am now 1,2,3,4,5,6.7,8,9,10….20… 30.. years old! I am so happy and most grateful to God. If you know what I have been through this last one year, you will understand my excitement. I have survived two accidents with long haul trailers that almost squashed my car and mau! I was so overwhelmed…

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With a few hours left to end the month of October and 61 days left to commence 2015, I reflect with great joy and fulfillment on how exciting and pulse racing the experiences of the last 10 months has been. The month of October has been exceptional, memorable and filled with joy. Even though, there has been some near accident and death experiences; the amazing surprises, fulfilled expectations, launch of a new endeavour and some new milestones achieved by my…

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