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When a woman cries, her world shivers and her tears pulls down insurmountable barriers. When she groans, her world cowers and her moans can be heard a mile away.When her heart is broken, her world collapses and its endless bleeding floods the street. When she grieves, the world within and around becomes dark and cold.When she is angry, the fumes from her nostril flares up a wet forest BUT  When a woman smiles, it brightens the world with so much…

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With a few hours left to end the month of October and 61 days left to commence 2015, I reflect with great joy and fulfillment on how exciting and pulse racing the experiences of the last 10 months has been. The month of October has been exceptional, memorable and filled with joy. Even though, there has been some near accident and death experiences; the amazing surprises, fulfilled expectations, launch of a new endeavour and some new milestones achieved by my…

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Make Your Heart a Safe Place for His

TSPOON93 is an email address I subscribed to. They send me inspiring mails daily. Sometimes after reading through I feel obligated to share, like this piece below. You’d think I would know everything by now. Or at least everything about him. But here we were married for over 20 years and I was finding out something I never knew. A story he’d never told another living soul. Not until me. Not until now. We’d simply been sitting there, quietly cuddling and chatting…

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