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We had just finished dinner and were still seated, staring at our empty plates while relishing the delicious pasta, I had whipped up minutes after I came home. And then the song began… Hilarious and out of tune, however, the wordings communicated the intent, and I had a good laugh. “mummy, mummy, always giving us the best of meals, breakfast, lunch….. mummy, mummy oo… always the best…..” Daddy took the lead of the newly ensembled choir while the rest of…

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GUEST POST – “Yes, he beats me, yet I love him”

She got out of her 1994 Nissan Sentra, hobbling. Some visible, though vanishing bruises around her left eye couldn’t be concealed even with the heavy make-up she had on. She moaned and grimaced a bit as she shook my hands. “What happened, girl?” I asked her curiously. “Nothing, Fola, nothing”, she said, forcing a smile. “What do you mean by ‘nothing’? You are shuffling and hobbling, and you want me to believe that there is nothing?” She continued to force…

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When a woman cries, her world shivers and her tears pulls down insurmountable barriers. When she groans, her world cowers and her moans can be heard a mile away.When her heart is broken, her world collapses and its endless bleeding floods the street. When she grieves, the world within and around becomes dark and cold.When she is angry, the fumes from her nostril flares up a wet forest BUT  When a woman smiles, it brightens the world with so much…

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