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We had just finished dinner and were still seated, staring at our empty plates while relishing the delicious pasta, I had whipped up minutes after I came home.

And then the song began…

Hilarious and out of tune, however, the wordings communicated the intent, and I had a good laugh.

“mummy, mummy, always giving us the best of meals, breakfast, lunch….. mummy, mummy oo… always the best…..”

Daddy took the lead of the newly ensembled choir while the rest of the crew backed up amidst giggling and drumming the table.

This performance was the highlight of my day yesterday. This unexpected action spoke love, appreciation, and celebration for me and the little things I do to keep them happy loved, and satisfied.

Why won’t I love this ‘home team’ with every love my heart can hold or make sacrifices as much as I can for them, not to mention cook up a storm as often as my heart desires. Ceaselessly experimenting on new cuisines to tease their taste buds and keep their appetite longing for more.

Reminiscing on this memory still makes my heart skip and raises my love nodes.

The month of March comes with the celebration of women and mothers, but hey! why wait for a date to celebrate a woman, do so daily, in deeds words and how you treat them.

Consciously affirm the female colleague or business partner(s ) that spice up your team, meetings, and board rooms with ideas, presentations, and creativity that only a woman can initiate, coordinate, or implement.

Say those words of encouragement to that caregiver that gives selflessly of her time and self to make your life easier, or the home manager aka ‘stay at home mum’ who serves the household with smiles even when her “me time” is encroached upon and it is most inconvenient. she neither complains nor asks for a paycheck.

Spend time with the frail old hands with strong hearts that ceaselessly offer prayers for your well-being and won’t stop hoping the best for you till her last breath.

Gift the beautiful heart that still laughs at your ‘dry’ jokes and tolerates your excesses even when you are yet to put a ring on her finger.

Check on that two-in-one parent aka ‘single mum’ who is constantly showing up for their kids despite life’s round balls

Celebrating any woman should be a daily event for they are GOLD.

Happy Celebrations!




Photo Credit – https://www.brandsouthafrica.com/

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