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lOVE prayer strength for each day


I belong to a group of women that believe strongly in Christ and the institution of marriage and we have a prayer chain that enables members pray virtually every Saturday for our husbands and children. Praying virtually with other like-minded people generates power and creates a spiritual connection that words can’t describe. Praying with these women have blessed me immensely, as they have built and encouraged me to stand relentlessly in the place of prayer over my household and children.…

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life lessons lOVE marriage RELATIONSHIP

GETTING MY GROOVE BACK – 15 Ways To Remain In love in spite of life pressures . Pt.1

“I don’t feel loved” … This thought played games with my mind this whole week as I engaged in my day to day activities. I tried unsuccessfully to steer my thoughts from it and even searched my heart for that ‘love feeling’ to refute this line, but it persistently invaded my thoughts and strongly too. The constant weariness I felt by the end of each day did not help. “It must be this constant weariness manifesting”. I silently scolded myself…

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CHILDREN daughters FAMILY lOVE mentee sisters upbringing


“Didi don’t complain, put on whatever mummy has laid out for you to wear”. This is my 6-year-old cautioning her 4-year-old sister as she complained about the choice of clothing I laid out for her to wear for Sunday service.  My mentee a.k.a first daughter spoke these words with all the calmness and sense of responsibility abi is it maturity a child of her age could muster. To ensure that her sister conceded to her admonishment, she concluded her speech…

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fun lOVE marriage RELATIONSHIP


Few ago weeks, hubby and I attended a marriage seminar. It was a fun filled and a really hilarious session. It was more of a refresher course for us and a reminder to be consistent in the ‘good’ we were doing to each other, while improving on the areas we slacked. We had a good time laughing at the examples given by the facilitators and even most questions and the answers discussed. Not to mention, that most of the issues…

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celebration independence lOVE my country Nigeria

GUEST POST – Nigeria @ 56, What do you love about Nigeria

“What do you love about Nigeria?” This was the question a TV presenter asked her interviewee.The later answered the question with so much ease and with all sincerity of heart, Her many reasons got me thinking and I wondered..If I were asked what I loved about Nigeria, my own country, what would I say?  I realized that this same question someone answered with ease, got me pondering for minutes!  However, I eventually got my answers … * I love the spirit of the…

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FAMILY lOVE mother plantain

MY MOTHER – My plantain story

This week began with a bang! I received a bag of goodies from my mum. The bag came all the way from my very own Akwa ‘Abasi’ Ibom State and was filled with different items ranging from our celebrated affang leave (for affang soup), pears, tapioka (shredded boiled cassava), crayfish and a bunch of plantain. I was particularly excited about the plantain as it was the big, strong and freshly looking specie. Two days later, this beautiful bunch became ripe…

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abuse lOVE marriage RELATIONSHIP WOMan

GUEST POST – “Yes, he beats me, yet I love him”

She got out of her 1994 Nissan Sentra, hobbling. Some visible, though vanishing bruises around her left eye couldn’t be concealed even with the heavy make-up she had on. She moaned and grimaced a bit as she shook my hands. “What happened, girl?” I asked her curiously. “Nothing, Fola, nothing”, she said, forcing a smile. “What do you mean by ‘nothing’? You are shuffling and hobbling, and you want me to believe that there is nothing?” She continued to force…

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appreciation CHILDREN flowers lOVE parenting


My daughters brought a bunch of hand picked flowers for me today, it’s the second time I’m being given flowers this week. The beautiful flowers were picked from the garden at school, kept shielded through their ride from school and carefully dropped  on the shelve just to be presented to me as I came in from work.Oh how I loved the flowers which I received with a hug and kiss. You can’t imagine what this innocent act of love did…

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lOVE LOVE notes memories RELATIONSHIP spouse


Few days ago I turned my room “right side up” looking for a document. I brought out files and turned out cupboards that haven’t be touched in a long while. I eventually found the document, but in the process I stumbles on a number of love notes my ‘gentle man’ and I exchanged back in the days. Some were ‘make up’ notes (imagine those type of love notes after a quarrel) but the majority were declaration of love. Chai! Would…

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christmas FAMILY lOVE memory tradition


“Mummy see Christmas!” My daughter screamed out in excitement and for the third time. Her voice was now  a notch higher and her hands stretched as she pointed through the window of our moving car. This excitement was not usual and so I stepped on the brakes slowly to get a good view of what she was pointing at. They were Christmas decorations on buildings. I smiled as I told her they were Christmas decorations and taught her to pronounce…

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