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Born A Female – Diary Entry

In my African Home You work your spinal cord to its untimely death. May its gentle soul Rest In Peace. You walk your feet till its ends fray. You serve everyone that has a stomach and a pair of legs that is forbidden from stepping into the kitchen because they’re what?  Males. Oh! You dare not complain – you’re not even allowed to. You bear the pains with a gentle strength for failure to keep to this law makes you…

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READING CULTURE – 7 Tips For Developing A Reading Culture In Children

It’s heartwarming when the 6 year olds in my Sunday school class clamor to read the scripture, it feels like they just want to show off a newly acquired skills. I am super proud of them as I  understand and can relate with their accomplishment. Allowing them read out the scriptures for the day is my way of encouraging the children who are yet to read fluently, learn the beautiful art of reading and more so to see for themselves…

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“Didi don’t complain, put on whatever mummy has laid out for you to wear”. This is my 6-year-old cautioning her 4-year-old sister as she complained about the choice of clothing I laid out for her to wear for Sunday service.  My mentee a.k.a first daughter spoke these words with all the calmness and sense of responsibility abi is it maturity a child of her age could muster. To ensure that her sister conceded to her admonishment, she concluded her speech…

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“We cannot stick our heads in the sand and hope our kids will develop healthy sexual attitudes and behaviours on their own”. Dr Dave Currie Last week we went visiting our family friend; it was fun as the kids had playmates to engage them for the day while I had a lot of catching up to do with Mfon my friend. Just as we were about getting caught up in our chit chat, we got jolted back with this summon…

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A piglet once asked her mother “mum, what are you always searching for in the mud’, the mother answered in her best voice “when you become a mother, you will find out”! As a mother, I am often reminded of the above Sow and piglet discussion, and it brings to mind a new understanding of the impact my actions, inactions and words had on my mum.  This understanding comes with some good hands-on experiences, with my nest filled with little…

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